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Tweepz- Find People To Follow On Twitter

Tweepz is an awesome web-based tool to find the interesting people, worth to follow on Twitter. Search for users based on names, locations and keywords.

Using Tweepz is very simple. Point your browser to their site, enter keyword and hit enter. The Twitter users, relevant to that keyword, will be right there in front of you.

By default, the search results are shown starting from the user with most no. of followers being on the top of list, followed by lower one and so on. You can refine your search according the follower’s count range and according  to the year of account creation.

Interesting tool? Isn’t it?  It’s time to follow some interesting people on Twitter. So what are you waiting for ? Give Tweepz a try now.


  • Search people on Twitter of same interest as you
  • Search people based on name, location and keyword
  • Refine your results for more ease
  • Free to use

Tweepz-Find People To Follow on Twitter

Tweepz Says

Twitter is a fairly boring place if there’s nobody interesting you are following – but it’s always been an issue to find interesting people. That’s where tweepz comes in! See us as the whitepages for twitter. Search for twitter accounts based on names, locations and keywords.

Web Says

Tweepz– Find People To Follow On Twitter