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PavoMe – multimedia client for Twitter

PavoMe is a java based mobile twitter app that will run on most of the Nokia phones out there.

PavoMe let’s you easily upload photos, videos, audio recordings etc. You can tweet, view mentions and send and read Direct Messages.


  • Java based mobile twitter client
  • Should work on most Nokia and SonyEricsson phones

PavoMe Says

It’s a Twitter client for mobile phones that support Java.



OpenBeak – twitter client for your Blackberry

OpenBeak (formerly known as TwitterBerry) is a twitter client for Blackberry.

You can post updates to Twitter, send replies, view direct messages etc. Images can be posted to a variety of 3rd party image sharing sites such as TwitPic, Twitgoo, yfrog etc.

The way you receive notifications of unread emails on your Blackberry, you can receive notifications for tweets similarly as well. The app caches twitter avatar images to local memory in order to save you network access and load faster. You can use twitter search to search tweets.


  • Twitter Blackberry client
  • Post updates, @replies, direct messages, mark as favorite etc.
  • Share images using image sharing sites such as TwitPic, Twitgoo, yfrog
  • Receive notifications similar to unread email notifications


OpenBeak Says

OpenBeak is mobile client for posting updates to Twitter. It works over the data network, so you don’t need to use SMS. OpenBeak is the evolution of TwitterBerry, and gives a name that allows the app to grow beyond both the Twitter platform and BlackBerry smartphones.


  • OpenBeak – Blackberry Twitter client


TwitterRide – twitter client for Android

TwitterRide is a simple and easy to use twitter app for Android. It probably has one of the cleanest UI compared to some of the other twitter apps for Android.

Notification of new tweets is in the form of stars that light up when you have new tweets to read. It’s easy to tweet, retweet as well as send @Replies. You can upload images too. You can view any twitter users profile information. Apart from this, you can even update your twitter profile pic from this app.

The app has support for Twitters Saved Search, Hashtags, URL shortener, Spell Checker etc.


  • Android twitter client
  • One of the cleanest UI
  • Easy notifications of new tweets
  • Update status, send @replies, direct messages and retweets
  • View any twitter users profile information
  • Update your twitter profile pic


TwitterRide Says

Simple and fast Twitter client for Android



  • @twitride – TwitterRide is simple and fast Twitter client for Android.
  • @tanimoto – perl, java, android, bike, fishing, tennis, married, 2 kids

Swift – one of the fastest twitter clients for Android

Swift is a lightweight twitter client built for Android. It’s simple to use and lightweight too.

The app is fast and loads really quick. Older tweets are automatically loaded as you scroll through your timeline. With mobile phones, there’s always this problem of connectivity. If for some reason you lose connectivity or the app is not able to send your update, there’s a “try again later” functionality that tries to send the update again after some time.

Short links are expanded automatically so that you know where they lead to. If you are someone in need of speed, then Swift is the Android twitter app for you.


  • Lightweight and fast, loads quickly
  • Older tweets are loaded automatically when you scroll down
  • “try again later” will try sending the update till it is successful
  • Photo upload via YFrog, TwitGoo etc.
  • Attach videos


Swift Says

the fastest, leanest, meanest Twitter client for Android


  • Swift – One of the fastest twitter clients for Android


  • @swiftapp – The damn best Twitter client for Android. We try harder! Handcrafted by @sd
  • @sd – Venezuelan, geek, father, living in NYC and building www.streeteasy.com with Rails and www.swift-app.com for Android.

LogPost – a free twitter client for mobile phones

LogPost seems like a nice and feature rich mobile interface for twitter. You can easily view your timeline, update your twitter status and follow new users too.

There is a Trends feature, which helps you track the current trends on twitter. You can view only your posts (ego tweeter?). Click on any friends icon and start a conversation by way of direct messages. The app arranges direct messages separately so that you can strike a conversation and not lose thread of it!


  • Free twitter mobile client
  • Feature rich and easy to use
  • Update, send direct messages and @replies
  • Start a conversation by way of direct messages


LogPost Says

We maturized Twitter to fit perfectly on your phone. We paid close attention to the details so you could enjoy sending and receiving messages from anywhere. To use Twitter for iPhone you’ll need an phone and a Twitter Account.


  • LogPost – Twitter for mobile phones


  • @logpost – Create a discussion about anything!

Snaptu – best free twitter mobile application

Snaptu is a free mobile application that supports twitter and a host of other sites such as FaceBook, Google Calendar etc.

It’s one of the best twitter mobile applications that we have come across lately! We just loved the snaptu interface design.

Once you install snaptu, you can login to your twitter account. You can then start reading all the tweets in your timeline. There are options to update your status, view @Replies and Direct Messages as well as all your Favorites.

You can easily @Reply, RT, Favorite, view twitter users profile and visit links shared in tweets by clicking on the tweets. There’s TwitPic support as well.

Trust us on this one, the ease of use and the user interface will not disappoint you!


  • One of the best mobile twitter applications
  • Supports twitter as well as FaceBook, Google Calendar etc.
  • Update your twitter status
  • View @replies, Direct Messages and Favorites
  • @Reply, RT and Favorite any tweet
  • View twitter users profile
  • Open links in browser
  • TwitPic support


Snaptu Says

Snaptu is a free mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications
A fast and easy way to access the Internet on your phone
Turns your existing phone into a cool Internet device
Works on hundreds of phone models


  • Snaptu – Free mobile twitter application


  • @snaptu – The fastest and probably the best Twitter app for your phone, and much more…

UberTwitter – twitter client for your BlackBerry

UberTwitter is a twitter client for BlackBerry phones.

The app lets you upload images to a dedicated image hosting for UberTwitter users. You can also update your GTalk status with the latest tweet that you sent using UberTwitter.

UberTwitter also updates your location based on the cell tower information provided by your service provider which means you do not necessarily need to have GPS!

You can also see users who are twittering in the same area as you!


  • Upload pictures to a dedicated image host for UberTwitter
  • Update your GTalk status with your latest tweet
  • Automatically update your location, GPS not needed!
  • Send embedded videos
  • See users who are twittering in the same area as you


UberTwitter Says

ÃœberTwitter is a company devoted to delivering highly functional Twitter clients for mobile devices. Our first product is ÃœberTwitter for the BlackBerry line of mobile phones.