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GeoChirp – find, follow and know what’s happening near you

GeoChirp is a mashup between twitter and Google Maps. The site helps you find and follow interesting twitter users near you.

Your location is identified automatically by the application and tweets originating from places near you are displayed. Such tweets can help you stay abreast of news in your area. Imagine you being one of the first to know about a new restaurant being opened in your city, a new sale in town etc.

A better example straight from the site :

If you want to search for people Tweeting about ‘Golf’ in Richmond, Virginia, you can just select the area in the map, set the radius within 1-50 miles of that area, enter the keyword “Golf” or any other related keyword and BOOM you have all the people Twittering about ‘Golf’ in Richmond, Virginia.

You can search for keywords of interest, select an area on the map and specify the radius within that area. All tweets originating from the specified area on the map would be displayed to you.


  • Mashup of Twitter and Google Maps
  • Find and Follow twitter users near you
  • Find tweets in an area on the map
  • Auto Refresh
  • Subscribe to RSS feed of your search result


GeoChirp Says

GeoChirp helps you search for people Twittering for specific things in a specific area.


  • GeoChirp – Google Maps and Twitter mashup


  • @geochirping – Official account of GeoChirp.com – Twitter Google Maps mashup to find location specific tweeples
  • @rohitsengar –  GeoChirp’s Main Programmer, working at CueBlocks