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ManageFlitter- Work Faster And Smarter With Twitter

ManageFlitter is the best managing app for Twitter. It’s web based tool that allows you to manage your Twitter account in an effective manner.

This web app allows you to find out the behavior of your followers. You can search that which ones are not showing interest in your tweets, how many of your followers are inactive, how many are too much active. By categorizing the users, you can unfollow them, if you want. You can also track the users who are not following you back and can unfollow them in no time.

The ‘Search’ feature allows you to search the users which are relevant to your interest. There is no need to have relations with users having different interest from you. You can keep the track of your Twitter account’s growth via Twitter Analytics that you get with this tool. ‘PowerPost’ feature gives you an idea of the right time to post tweets so as to catch attraction of more and more followers.

Impressed from ManageFlitter? Give it a try now.


  • Search for user relevant to your interest
  • Follow those who don’t follow you back
  • Twitter analytics to keep track of account’s growth
  • PowerPost to post tweets at right time to attract more followers

ManageFlitter Says

ManageFlitter is the best tool to use Twitter in a smarter and faster way. Find out the users who don’t follow you back, who unfollowed you recently, who are not relevant to your interest. Use PowerPost to post tweets at the right time.

Web Says

ManageFlitter– Work Faster And Smarter With Twitter