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Spiggler – Tweets on the Streets

Spiggler takes tweets with location information attached and plots them on a map. See who’s tweeting in your neighbourhood, local news, travel reports etc.

Spiggler supports twitter, facebook and foursquare.


  • Plots tweets with location information on a map
  • Supports twitter, facebook and foursquare

Spiggler Says

The spiggler mapporrific convulgence service makes humble requests to Twitter’s divulgification stream to see what’s o’twittering. Any little tweets served with a garnish of GPS are conmapulated via our patently pondering geowonk engine and spewed onto a Google map.



TwitArea – share any place on twitter, right from your browser

TwitArea helps you share any place with your friends on twitter.

There is a Firefox plugin available which adds an “Insert Place” button to the twitter web interface. Once you have installed the plugin you can start sharing places instantly.

Once you tweet a place, a link would be created which would display information such as contact info, location on the map etc.


  • Easily share places with your twitter friends
  • Firefox plugin available for easy sharing of new places
  • Shared place displayed on a map along with information such as contact info, user votes, comments etc.


TwitArea Says

Sharing places on Twitter is fast and easy with TwitArea!
Tweet the address, phone number and location of any place worth tweeting in seconds – right from your browser! No need to leave your browser page, go to another web site, cut and paste URLs.


  • TwitArea – Instant short URLs for places


  • @twitarea – This new Twitter.com application allows users to easily insert and share local place information when tweeting. Think of it as “TwitPic for places”.

Geo.ly – mark and share your location on a map

Geo.ly makes it easy for you to share your location on your map with your twitter friends, something similar to tmeet.

The application makes it super easy for you to share your location. Just send an @reply to @geoly with your location and geoly would reply back with the shortened URL of your location on a map.

Example :

You tweet : @geoly taj mahal, india

Geoly Replies : @YourUserName Geo.ly MAP, http://geo.ly/5by8 (40% geo accuracy) for Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India


  • Share your location on a map with twitter friends
  • Send an @reply and the app would tweet back your shortened URL


Geo.ly Says

The philosophy behind Geo.ly is to make sharing maps simple. You don’t need an account to use this service. In fact, anyone can create, annotate and save their map in less than a minute. All Geo.ly map urls are purposely short which helps make sharing them via email and on services like Twitter easy and reliable.


  • Geo.ly – Mark a map, Share it Geographically


  • @geoly – Short URL mapping service for Twitter

Tmeet – mark your location

Tmeet is a twitter app that lets you mark your location on google maps and effortlessly tweet about it for all your twitter friends to see!

Twitter has helped us make a lot of friends. Whichever part of the world you go, we bet there would always be someone you know thanks to twitter. But there is always this gap between you and your other twitter friends in that area.

Tmeet aims to bridge this gap. Your location would help everyone know where exactly you currently are. Tweeps in that area would tweet you and snap – You meet up!

You are in a new city, you want to find directions. Of course you can ask passersby, or you can tmeet your location saying  – I’m here http://tmeet.me/HaHXw and ask if anyone knows the way around!

Tmeet has an iPhone app that makes tweeting your location on a map a breeze. Just click tmeet me from the iPhone app and your GPS location would be grabbed and sent as a tmeet.

The possibilities of making use of tmeet are endless. Give it a try and the next time you are at a place you wish to tweet about – just tmeet it.


  • Easily mark your location on a map and tweet about it
  • Retweet the same location effortlessly
  • Helpful in meeting twitter users in the same area as you
  • Use it as a twitter tool to find directions from real people!
  • iPhone app for sharing a tmeet easily (grabs your GPS location)


Tmeet Says

tmeet is a tweet to meet. You can send a tmeet about your location to tell your friends where you are, what you are doing, or if you are running late or pretty much anything you want.



  • @tmeet – Find yourself.
  • @timburks – iPhone/ObjC specialist and agitator. I organize the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers’ Meetup. I created Open Radar. I wrote a scripting language called Nu. Hi.
  • @sujamthe – Passionate about platform play, mobile, lead @facebookmeetup, mit venture mentor, social media strategist for process, metrics, tech infrastructure