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TweetSwitch – tweet from your favorite instant messenger

TweetSwitch is an IM bot that helps you receive and update tweets through your favorite IM clients such as Yahoo, GTalk, Live, ICQ etc.

You can decide to receive all of your tweets, direct messages as well as mentions. TweetSwitch is free and extremely easy to setup.

I liked the site’s user interface and it makes configuring your account easy. With TweetSwitch you don’t need to continuously check Twitter or Tweet Deck, as messages that you want to receive are pushed to you, in real-time. Furthermore, you don’t need to download a dedicated Twitter client for your computer either, as TweetSwitch will redirect tweets to you the way YOU want it.


  • Receive all tweets, direct messages and mentions through instant messenger
  • Choose your favorite instant messaging client such as Yahoo, GTalk, Live etc.
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


TweetSwitch Says

TweetSwitch lets you send and receive your tweets on instant messengers and email.



  • @tweetswitch – TweetSwitch allows you to tweet and receive your tweets via any messenger.
  • @sebmarion – Director @Comufy ! Communicate YOUR way !