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UpprDwnr – tweet what you like or hate

UpprDwnr aims to help you view the popular and not so popular stuff tweeted out by twitter users.

The app makes use of the hashtags #uppr and #dwnr to evaluate the popularity of keywords, links etc. You can tweet just about anything and use the appropriate hastag.

Example: If you happen to like our twitter follow and unfollow app http://JustUnfollow.com , you can vote in its favour :

The twitter app http://JustUnfollow.com is a nifty tool for managing twitter friends and followers #uppr

There’s a lot of analytics you can get out of these tweets. The app also displays the day’s most talked about topic.


  • Tweet what you love or hate
  • Use hashtags #uppr and #dwnr
  • Gain insights on the most popular and hated stuff by twitter users

UpprDwnr Says

We all judge.
Tell us what you love or hate with your tweets.


  • UpprDwnr – Tweet what you love or hate


  • @upprdwnr – We like to think we are Twitter’s ‘like’ button…there’s a ‘dislike’ too – learn how at our Web site