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HashTools – making hashtags more meaningful

HashTools makes use of hashtags to display videos, pics and just about anything.

If you want to submit videos use #video followed by the link to the video. The video would be embedded on Hashtools. Similarly #Deal to submit deals, #poll to create polls and #Question to ask questions to your followers.

Subdomains are created for each of the hashtags where you can view all the submitted videos, polls, deals, questions etc.


  • Making hashtags more useful
  • Use hashtags to submit videos, create polls and ask questions


HashTools Says

A suite of Twitter applications that aim to take hashtags further. The applications – #deals, #video, #question and #poll – use hashtags to aggregate tweets into different groups, making them more useful and easier to understand.

Hashtags are used on Twitter to group and organise Tweets into different topics. Just add a # before a word in your tweet, and you create a hashtag that’s used to categorise your tweet.



TweetBe.at – instant messaging with twitter

TweetBe.at is an instant messenger built for twitter users. Hashtags are used to tag you to a twitter channel.

The app uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Once authenticated, you can join any channel you wish and start tweeting. You can even create your own channels and ask all your twitter friends to join the discussion.

You can save searches, track the various channels created, add twitter friends you wish to follow on a particular channel and much more. The muting feature is something that a lot of you would like. You can hide tweets containing words or phrases you aren’t interested in.


  • Instant messaging with twitter
  • Keep track of your favorite hashtags
  • Join any channel, create your own
  • Sign in with twitter oAuth


TweetBe.at Says

Tweetbe.at is a tool for instant messaging on twitter.com



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TwitterWall – build your own twitter wall

TwitterWall gives you your own wall with tweets containing keywords entered by you.

TwitterWall is meant for those who want to display all tweets pertaining to a hashtag. The site allows you to display a background image of your choice.

Apart from a background image, you can also have a video displayed on your twitter wall!

View an example twitterwall


  • Create your own twitter wall
  • Twitter wall can have background image as well as video
  • Useful for tracking hashtags


TwitterWall Says

Twitterwalls or Tweetwalls are a public screen with all latest posts at twitter concerning one special keyword or hashtag. They are a new way to let people show their feedback simultaneously to a stage presentation.