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TweetSentiments – how happy are your tweets?

TweetSentiments is a twitter analysis tool with a difference. The application analyzes tweets on twitter to check the happiness quotient using OpenAmplify‘s Natural Language Processing application.

The average sentiment index of the twittersphere is calculated every six hours. Charts and Maps make up for a nice way to analyze the sentiments around the world.Maps display the sentiments from each part of the world while charts help you understand what the sentiments are on an hourly and daily basis.

Sentiment details of the top 10 countries are displayed as also the sentiments of the trending topics. The site auto refreshes with the latest tweets along with their tweet sentiment.

You can calculate the tweet sentiment of any twitter user or topic. As on this writing, the tweet sentiment for @twi5 seems to be 76.67, I say that’s pretty good and as the sentiment indicates, twi5 is a Happy Place.


  • Analyzes twitter and displays the average sentiment of twitter
  • View the sentiments in the top countries
  • Analyze sentiments of any user or topic
  • View charts displaying the hourly and daily sentiments


TweetSentiments Says

TweetSentiments.com provides sentiment analysis on tweets using Machine Learning technologies.



  • @tweetsentiments – Tweet Sentiments: 0 – most negative, 50 – neutral, 100 – most positive
  • @tomzeng – Ruby on Rails, Text Mining, LIBSVM, GIS, Portal, Java