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Uncover Who is Following Whom on Twitter with IsFollow

This is a guest Post by Ruchi Parikh who is Sr.editor at Callingallgeeks.org and WPhostingDiscount.com.

IsFollow is very useful and easy to use Twitter application. It helps you to find who is following whom? When it comes to internet marketing, it is important to know whether targeted users are following us or not. Thus, this tool will help you to know who is following you and who is not.

Apart from checking your followers, you can also check about other Twitter followers, celebrities etc. It’s kind of fun to check who is following whom and the best part about this application is that you don’t require any registration or login through your Twitter.


  • Check out who is following whom?
  • No Login or registration required

Isfollow says:

IsFollow is a Twitter app to help you quickly and easily find out who is following who without having to login and scroll through ‘following’ result pages.


  • IsFollow –  Who is following whom on Twitter?

Sometimes it’s fun to use such tools and as a blogger I guess you should always be aware that who is following you and who is not. I found this Twitter application useful, do share your views about IsFollow.

HotOnTwttr – a unique way to discover new users on Twitter

HotOnTwttr is a new and cool way to discover new twitter users. The site displays a random twitter users image and if you like it you can follow the user.

Once you login, it displays users in a manner similar to the suggested users displayed on facebook. You can pick a location and users from that area would be displayed. Top profiles based on gender can be found too! What are you waiting for? Go find out new users to follow on Twitter!


  • Find new users to follow on Twitter
  • Random users pictures displayed
  • Follow users whose image you like

HotOnTwttr Says

HotOnTwttr is a service to discover new users on Twitter. Rate the picture and find out who’s picture is that! If you like it, then you can follow the user.



  • @ankur10 – Startup guy at Kosmix.com

FollowFinder – A twitter app by Google that suggests new users to follow

FollowFinder is a new twitter app from Google that helps you find new users to follow. It analyzes your twitter account and suggests users who might be worth following.

FollowFinder makes use of the new Twitter @anywhere platform. Once a list of suggested users is displayed, you can simply move your mouse over the users to view the twitter hovercard. FollowFinder also makes use of Twitter Connect to let you follow any of the suggested users.


  • Twitter app from Google
  • Find new twitter users to follow
  • Makes use of the @anywhere platform
  • Twitter Connect has been implemented as well

FollowFinder Says

Follow Finder analyzes public social graph information (following and follower lists) on Twitter to find people you might want to follow.



  • @google – News and updates from Google

TwitterBatcher – easiest way to take that FollowFriday recommendation

TwitterBatcher has come up with something new to help you follow all those #FollowFriday recommendations you get! You can now easily bulk follow all such recommendations you get on fridays.

To bulk follow all the recommendations you receive, all you need to do is copy paste the usernames. That’s all, the accounts would then be automatically followed. You can search new users based on hashtags. Search and follow popular users to keep your twitter stream interesting.


  • Follow bulk users easily by copy-pasting the usernames
  • Suitable for following all the #FollowFriday recommendations
  • Search users on hashtag and find all the popular users
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


TwittterBatcher Says

twitterBatcher is an online Twitter app that allow you to easily follow many people in 3 simple steps.



Chirpio – help twitter weed out the spammers

Chirpio is a simple web based twitter application that allows you to rate twitter users you are following.The more positive ratings a twitterer gets the better.

You need to login to the site with twitter oAuth and then you would be provided with your timeline. Check your followers and rate them as good, bad or spam. The right sidebar displays all the Top Rated twitterers. This can help you follow some of the most famous twitter users.

The site plans to release its API soon.

The ratings given by you and other twitter users can help decide whether a twitterer is worth the follow.


  • Rate people you follow into Good, Bad and Spam
  • View the most rated twitterers
  • Help stop twitter spam


Chirpio Says

In a nutshell, Chirpio is a way to rate your fellow Twitter users. You can also leave comments about them, follow more users that seem interesting or unfollow spammers.


  • Chirpio – A place to rate & follow Twitter users


5minutesfame – your 5 minutes to twitter fame

5minutesfame is a site that displays one new twitter user every 5 minutes on it’s homepage. The site displays the user who is the fastest to submit his\her twitter handle to the site.

You need to be fast. As soon as 5 minutes of fame for a currently featured user is over the site opens up it’s text box to allow you to input your twitter handle. The twitterer who enters his\her twitter handle first gets featured on the site.

This can be a good way to increase your twitter followers for free. Of course, the site should be famous enough to get good traffic in order to help you gain followers.


  • Get your 5 minutes of twitter fame
  • The first person to submit his\her twitter handle every 5 minutes gets featured on the homepage
  • Easy and free way to gain followers


5MinutesFame Says

Do you want more visibility on twitter? This free service will help you to promote your twitter account! If you think you type fast, enter your twitter username and try to be the fastest. If you succeed, you will be featured on this website for 5 min, helping you get more followers.


  • 5MinutesFame – Promote your twitter account to the world


  • @verlinden – Web Entrepreneur. Ruby on Rails expert.

Twollow – Auto Follow people on twitter

Twollow helps you auto follow twitter users who have similar interests as you.

Twitter is more fun when you follow a good number of people. Now, it can get a little difficult trying to figure out whom to follow. The best way is to search twitter for keywords that interest you and find new users. But this is a tedious task. This is where Twollow comes in handy!

You can specify keywords, which Twollow would then use to search and auto follow twitter users on your behalf. You have the option to specify the number of people to follow as well, so that you do not end up following a large number of people overnight.

Twollow also allows you to manually select users you wish to follow, you just need to click on the keyword that you have saved.


  • Auto Follow twitter users
  • Allows you to specify the keywords based on which users would be auto followed
  • Specify the number of users to auto follow
  • Option to manually select users to follow based on keywords saved


Twollow Says

Discover people with the same interest as you
Automatically follow people based on keywords (5 keywords are free)
Automatically track what people are saying about your website or products Great way to build up followers


  • Twollow – Auto Follow people on Twitter


  • @twollow – Auto Follow People on Twitter.

Twitter Perch – auto follow 20 new people everyday

Twitter Perch is a twitter app that helps you follow 20 new people everyday.

The auto follow is not random. You get to enter keywords that are of interest to you and the app would then automatically search for tweets containing those keywords and follow users.

You need to provide your username and password. You can easily stop Twitter Perch from Auto Following users by entering your twitter username and password in the Unfollow section.

For those who are apprehensive about entering their twitter username and password, Twitter Perch is Open Source! Which means, you can get the source code and host it on your own computer too!


  • Auto Follow 20 new people everyday
  • Auto Follow based on the keywords entered
  • Open Source for you to install on your home PC


Twitter Perch Says

Auto Follow 20 new people per day


Twibes – recommend your twitter friends

Twibes takes the #FollowFriday concept to a new level. Now everyday can be a FollowFriday!

Enter your username at twibes and twibes would list out your twitter friends. Select friends from this list who you think are worth recommending to your followers.

Once you have picked your list of “worth a follow” twitterers, you have 2 options. You can tweet the recommendation in your timeline and let all your followers know about these great people worth a follow on twitter. OR, you can automatically send a direct message to all the recommended twitterers!


  • Easily recommend twitter users worth a follow
  • Easy to use interface
  • Send individual direct messages to people worth following


Twibes Says

Hand picked tweeters


  • Twibes – Recommends your twitter friends


  • @twibes – Send a personal recommendation for a friend!

LetsFollow – give a reason why you should be followed


LetsFollow is a twitter app which allows you to enter a reason why you think people should follow you on twitter.

However, you need to enter your twitter password before your reason can be made available on the site for eveyone to see.

To find out the reason for any twitter user (if they have entered one at the site) just append the username at the end of the LetsFollow URL.

Example: http://www.letsfollow.com/example would give you the follow reason for a user named “example”.


  • Enter a reason why people should follow you on twitter
  • Downside is that you need to enter your twitter password


LetsFollow Says

LetsFollow.com is your new standard to follow each other on Twitter, Tell us “Why someone follow You?” in just 149 characters Only! So lets Follow each other on Twitter for a Reason!


  • LetsFollow – lets follow each other on twitter; for a reason