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TweepML – now make your own twitter like ‘suggested list’

TweepML is a simple format developed to make it easy for you to share a list of Twitter users.

TweepML is an XML based format which makes it easy for developers to integrate in their apps. Website owners can add TweepML to their websites to make it easy for people to follow everyone on it with a single click.

When you want to recommend a bunch of twitter users, instead of having all of them listed, you can easily have a TweepML and link to it!


  • Create your own twitter suggested user list
  • App developers can make use of TweepML in their apps
  • Makes following recommended twitter users easy


TweepML Says

TweepML is an extensible, open standard format that
allows you to manage and share groups of Twitter users.


  • TweepML – Share groups of twitter users


  • @tweepml – Share groups of Twitter users.