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Rosa.ly – sharing web images on Twitter was never easier!

Rosa.ly is a simple app (a bookmarklet and a Firefox extension) that lets you share images found on the web with your twitter friends.

You might come across beautiful images on the web and might want your twitter followers to look at it. Just hit the bookmarklet and click the image you want to share. Rosa.ly would provide you with a link to the image.

Rosa.ly uses Twitter oAuth for authentication. For Firefox users, Rosa.ly has an extension that lets you share web images with your twitter friends.


  • Share images on the Web with your Twitter friends
  • Uses Twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Bookmarklet
  • Firefox extension
  • Organize your images with Hashtags


Rosa.ly Says

rosa.ly is a service for you to share images found on the web on Twitter


  • Rosa.ly – Share images found on the web on Twitter
  • Blog

Kutano – discover and connect with twitter users through webpages

Kutano seems like an excellent browser extension that you just can’t miss! It’s available for a variety of browsers.

With Kutano you can view tweets related to the pages you are currently browsing. You can then reply to any of these comments, RT them as well as follow any user you find interesting.

Kutano helps you find out who tweeted about the page you are currently browsing, how popular a page is and what are the most popular pages on the website.

Apart from viewing discussions on web pages, Kutano also doubles up as a fully functional twitter client which can be used right from the browser. You can view all the @mentions, DM and also view all your new followers and unfollowers.


  • View tweets about any webpage
  • Join the discussion, reply, retweet
  • View the popular pages on a website
  • Doubles up as  a full blown twitter client allowing you to update, view @mentions and DM as well as new followers and unfollowers
  • Supports Firefox, Internet Explorer


Kutano Says

Kutano makes it possible to discover and connect with others on Twitter through the webpages you browse. Alongside each webpage, read and respond to tweets and discussions about that page.


  • Kutano – Discover and connect with twitter users through webpages


  • @kutano – Official news and updates from Kutano Corp. I am a tool that reveals tweets and comments about each web page alongside the page being viewed.

AddATweet – comment anywhere on the web with a twitter account

Twitter wants to be ubiquitous on the web and I guess with all the third party apps being developed it would not take too long. AddATweet is one such application that wants you to use twitter on any site you wish to!

You would first need to install the Mozilla Firefox plugin to start using the cool features that AddATweet has to offer you. Once you have the plugin installed, all you need to do is surf the web as you would and click the AddATweet icon appearing on your Firefox when you wish to leave a comment on any site.

You can view comments left by others, have the comments tweeted to your twitter account and even reply to comments which would then be nested as replies.


  • Mozilla Firefox extension
  • Comment anywhere on the web
  • Reply to comments, replies are nested
  • Post the comments as twitter updates


AddATweet Says

AddATweet’s mission is to make every page on the Internet commentable.

Today, commenting systems are implemented by individual web sites and have no ability to talk to each other. Users are typically anonymous or must create accounts on each of these sites. Also, comments are often moderated, preventing people from truly being able to express themselves when their opinions are in contrast with those of the web site owner.

We believe that there is a need for a global commenting system. One that lets users comment on any page on the Internet, based on free speech principles.

Want to change the world? Support free speech by inviting your friends to AddATweet.



  • @addatweet – Simplest way to add a comment to any web page.

Feedly – An awesome FireFox addon combining twitter and Google Reader

Feedly is a FireFox addon that combines Google Reader and Twitter to give you all the related updates on a single page in your FireFox browser.

Feedly basically pulls all your Google Reader subscriptions, groups them and displays them to you in an easy to read format. You should note that Feedly would be integrated with your Google Reader, which means any articles you mark as read on Feedly would be marked as read on your Google Reader as well.

On the right hand corner of every page you visit, you would be able to see a small feedly bar that helps you share articles you like on twitter as well as view any discussions the article has had on FriendFeed. Using the feedly bar you can even email pages that seem interesting.

You can use drag and drop to change the order of the categories on the navigation bar. You can re-organize the content on the dashboard and mark some of your must-read sources as favorite.
Do check out the preference page to customize Feedly. Once you install the Feedly addon, you would see a green icon on your FireFox toolbar. You can use it as a shortcut to access your feedly.

Feedly even allows you to search over all your subscriptions!

P.S. One thing that intrigued us was that feedly required neither our permission nor password to post a twitter update! All feedly needed was that we should be logged into our twitter account! Any explanations?


  • FireFox addon that combines Google Reader and Twitter
  • Displays all your Google Reader subscriptions in a magazine like page
  • Access the Feedly page anytime by clicking the green icon on the FireFox toolbar
  • Articles marked as read on Feedly would be marked as read in your Google Reader
  • Share articles easily at the click of a button
  • View FriendFeed discussions for every page you visit
  • Easily tweet a page you are currently browsing without leaving the page


Feedly Says

feedly weaves your favorite content into a fun, magazine-like start page.


  • Feedly – A FireFox addon that combines Google Reader and Twitter


  • @feedly -Helping build a feedly community on twitter

TwitterLine – twitter timeline on your FireFox toolbar

TwitterLine is a FireFox addon for twitter that displays your twitter timeline on the browser’s toolbar.

It’s a nice, continuous and unobtrusive display of tweets and we bet you would love it!

Once installed, your FireFox toolbar would display tweets from your timeline. You can easily Fav the tweet being displayed as well as Retweet and @Reply without having to leave the page that you are currently browsing.

There is an option to open the update panel, which again is a tiny little unobtrusive text area where you can update your twitter timeline. The update panel also allows you to insert the URL of the page that you are currently browsing thus making sharing web pages on twitter a lot easier.

The addon also allows you to add multiple accounts. If you do not wish to see the updates for some reason then there is a toggle button which would hide the updates.


  • FireFox addon for twitter which displays updates on browser toolbar
  • One of the most unobtrusive browser plugin for twitter ever
  • One click Fav, @Reply and Retweet options
  • Update panel helps you update your timeline without leaving the page you are currently browsing
  • Easily share URL of the current page
  • Add multiple accounts
  • Toggle button to hide or show updates in the browser toolbar


TwitterLine Says

Twitter Line is an extention for Firefox that displays your Twitter time line on the toolbar as like as a head line (or ticker).




TweetFox – twitter plugin for Firefox

TweetFox is a twitter plugin for Firefox.

The main objective of this plugin is to help you share excerpts from web pages along with links to these pages. The links are automatically shortened for your convenience.

TweetFox intends to add many more features such as multiple twitter accounts and sending @replies and DMs’ to your followers.


  • Share excerpts from web pages
  • Links shortened automatically


TweetFox Says

CloudBerry Twitter plug-in for Firefox helps you to post excerpts from the websites you visit with a click of the button and attach a short URL to the source page.


  • TweetFox – Twitter plugin for FireFox


  • @cloudberryman -  Entrepreneur, software developer, cloud computing, Amazon S3