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Lambitter – share event information on Twitter

Lambitter lets you share information about events on twitter. You just need to tweet your event with the appropriate hashtag.

Lambitter will let you view comments that are related to a particular event, invite more people to the event etc. The site makes use of Twitter oAuth for authentication.

The most popular tags for events are displayed on the site.


  • Create and share events on Twitter
  • View events, track comments, invite people to events
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication

Lambitter Says

Lambitter is a tool that helps you share info about events on twitter. Hashtag your event promo and tweet it to the world! Lambitter lets you follow comments, invite people for showing up and get track of who may join.



  • @lambitter – Lambitter is a tool that helps you share info about events on twitter.

Act.ly – petitions and events on Twitter

Act.ly is for twitter users who wish to fight for a cause using social media as a tool.

The site has some powerful activism tools that help spread the cause which you want to support. Petition any Twitter user. People sign simply by tweeting, and the person petitioned can respond instantly. You can start an event and make it go viral around the world.


  • Start petitions on twitter
  • Create and spread events in your area
  • Help fight for a cause


Act.ly Says

Fire up your followers with simple, powerful activism tools designed to take full advantage of Twitter.


  • Act.ly – Twitter activism. Petitions and Events


  • @actly – Petitions designed for Twitter
  • @jgilliam – a geeky activist building internet tools to shake up a broken political system. act.ly, GovLuv.org, TweetProgress.us, WhiteHouse2.org, and NationBuilder.com
  • @slowdive – designer of act.ly, bravenewfilms.org, sickforprofit.com, slackeruprising.com and too many other sites to count

CalTweet – an events calendar for twitter

CalTweet brings to you easy event management via twitter. Now you can plan a event easily on twitter with the help of CalTweet.

You can call CalTweet a cross between the Google Calendar app TwitterCal and the twitter event organizer TwtVite. With CalTweet you can add up events to a calendar and invite your followers to join in.

The site uses oAuth for authenticating your twitter account. You can add a new event by either visiting the site or sending instructions through your twitter account. To add an event through your twitter account you need to be following @cal_tweet. You can send a direct message in the format “event_name” @ “event_date“.

You can upload images for your event, add tags and friends who wish to attend the event can easily add it to their own calendar at the click of a button. There’s an easy Retweet option too!


  • Plan events with your own twitter event calendar
  • Tweet events automatically
  • Create events easily by sending direct messages
  • Twitter oAuth support
  • Easy Retweet option for friends to spread the word about your event
  • Attendees can add the event to their own calendars
  • View the complete list of attendees


CalTweet Says

Tag, Share, and Promote events to be added to followers Calendars. Also create directly from Twitter.com
Use as a private Calendar or promotional event management tool for Twitter. Option of tweeting events as public property or making them private just for your viewing/reminder.
Monitor Twitter promotion by the amount of user Calendar adds or see if your friends or followers will be attending an event.
Automatic reminder sent to all expected Attendees prior to the event to increase turnout!


  • CalTweet – Tag, share and promote events via twitter


  • @cal_tweet – Tag, Share and promote events on Twitter. Also a personal calendar and reminder.
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Tinker – discover what people are chatting about

Tinker helps you follow tweets and other social media mentions about topics and events that interest you.

You can follow event streams or create one of your own to get all the updates on that stream.

Tinker even has a clean and sleek widget for you to embed on your blogs or site. Your readers can then log in with their twitter account and post updates directly from the widget!

Tinker also has an API for application developers.

You need to register at Tinker and provide your twitter information to start using the service.


  • Create and follow streams containing tweets of interest
  • Blog widget to embed events in your blog or site
  • Tinker API for application developers


Tinker Says

Tinker is a new service that helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter. Simply choose a keyword, and create an Event Stream. An event could be a movie premiere, a book launch, a Superbowl party, or an episode of Lost. It’s up to you.



  • @OnTinker – The official Twitter account of Tinker.com: enables users to find, follow, and participate in conversations around events and news
  • @samirarora – Game Changer, Founder & CEO Glam.com, Brash, NetObjects. Glam Media: Top 10 in US Media, #1 for Women, #1 Men Lifestyle, GlamTV Top 25 in Video. 100M Reach