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Glyph – Draw and share on Twitter

Glyph let’s you draw on Twitter.

Glyph let’s you post your drawing as a tweet or reply to your friends’ posts with a drawing. You can even draw over your friends’ Glyphs using retweet. Unlike other Twitter drawing apps Glyph works great on iPhone and iPad.


  • Draw and share on twitter
  • Reply to a friend’s post with a drawing
  • Draw over a friend’s Glyphs
  • Works great on iPhone and iPad

Glyph Says

Sketch and tweet!


  • Glyph – Sketch and Tweet!


  • @glyf – Draw on Twitter!

TwitDraw – draw Graffiti on twitter

TwitDraw is a twitter application that comes straight from the developers of the FaceBook application Graffiti. Bringing the same feature to a twitter app, TwitDraw lets you draw and share graffiti on twitter.

Just paint your graffiti, include any message you wish to and tweet it instantly! The last 100 graffiti can be viewed by anyone visiting the site.

Anyone can continue to draw on your graffiti and also see a replay of how you drew your graffiti (loved this replay option!).


  • Draw and share graffiti on twitter
  • Brought to you by the developers of FaceBook app Graffiti