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TwitWho – find new twitter users to follow

TwitWho is a twitter directory consisting of interesting twitter users.

The directory has a few default categories such as Arts, Business, Computers, News etc. Apart from the default categories, you can create your own custom groups and add twitter users to it.

Custom groups however, aren’t listed in the default categories. Users should know the name of a custom group to browse through the users in such groups.


  • Find and follow new twitter users
  • Create custom groups and help your friends follow interesting users


TwitWho Says

It is twitter directory that help you to find new great twitter users to follow.
You can also create custom group of friends, colleagues or family members.


  • TwitWho – Human edited directory of Twitter users organized by category


BlackTwitters – a directory of African American twitterers

BlackTwitters aims to be a niche directory of all African American twitter users.

The directory lists users in various categories such as Celebrity, Sports, Actor, Music etc. Anyone can add themselves to the directory easily. You can search BlackTwitters using keywords as well as hashtags.


  • Find and Follow African American twitter users
  • Users categorized into Celebrity, Music, Sports etc.


BlackTwitters Says

Blacktwitters is an online niche twitter directory targeted especially for the African American and urban twitters. The directory is free for anyone to join as long as they have a Twitter account.



  • @DuaneWashington – The Official Duane Washington Account. The Internet Serial Entrepreneur and founder of Beatbuggy.com, Blacktwitters.com and Twegift.com.

TwtBiz – twitter business directory

TwtBiz is another cool app from TwtApps. @felipecoimbra is a gifted developer. We just love the simplicity and usefulness of his apps.

TwtBiz is a business directory for twitter on the lines of Twibs and ExecTweets. You can easily add your business to this twitter directory either through the site or by sending an @Reply to @twtbiz

Search on twtbiz has three categories namely – Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors. We hope with this app users are able to easily find the business they have been looking out for on twitter.


  • Twitter business directory
  • Three categories namely – Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Simple and clean interface


TwtBiz Says

Find businesses, entrepreneurs and investors on Twitter!


  • TwtBiz – A business directory for twitter
  • TwtApps – simple twitter apps


TweetTop – who to follow on twitter

TweetTop is the AllTop for twitter. There are a number of topics that you can choose from.

For every topic, a set of top twitter users and their tweets would be displayed. This is a nice way of finding out the top twitterers with respect to a niche.


  • The AllTop of twitter
  • Find out top twitter users according to various categories
  • View the recent tweets of the featured users


TweetTop Says

Tweet Top is the latest and greatest from Twitter people on popular topics. We update the latest thinking from topic experts every 3-5 minutes. Pick a Topic below and we’ll deliver it to you 24 x 7. All the top “Tweets”, All the Time.



  • @tweettop – All the top tweeps to follow. www.TweetTop.com. Booya.
  • @jordanwillms – Social Media Strategist /w Interactive Agency @workatplay. Ex-Accenture Consultant. Ex-DJ. Squash Player. Musician. Sarcastic.

ExecTweets – find top business executives on twitter

ExecTweets is a twitter directory of all the top business executives who twitter.

You can easily browse by industry type as well as have a glance at the most popular execs. You can also easily add an exec who you think is missing from the listing.

ExecTweets is one of the few twitter apps that has a big business house backing it (Microsoft and Federated Media in this case)


  • Twitter directory of business executives who tweet
  • Browse accounts by industry type
  • A twitter app created by Federated Media in partnership with Microsoft


ExecTweets Says

ExecTweets is a resource to help you find and follow the top business executives on Twitter. Created by Federated Media, in partnership with Microsoft, ExecTweets is a platform that aggregates the tweets of top business execs and empowers the community to surface the most insightful, business-related tweets.


  • ExecTweets – Find and Follow Top Business Execs on Twitter


  • @exectweets – We’re here to help you find and follow the top business executives on Twitter.