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Yasst – a lightweight twitter desktop application

Yasst is a lightweight twitter application available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux.

It has all the regular features that a twitter application requires like sending tweets, viewing replies and mentions, retweets, DMs etc.

The app has a multi-column view. You can search twitter too. The best thing is that this application is available for all platforms!


  • Send tweets, receive replies and mentions, DM
  • Image uploading
  • Multi-column view
  • Search for any phrase
  • View user profiles
  • URL shortening
  • Featured options menu
  • Follow/unfollow function

Yasst Says

A lightweight twitter thingymbob


  • Yasst – lightweight twitter application for all platforms


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Multtiple – desktop client for Twitter and Tumblr

Multtiple is a desktop client that supports Twitter and Tumblr. It’s an Adobe AIR based client which means it can be run on Windows, Mac as well as Linux!

Mixed updates from all the multiple accounts and services are displayed. You can switch view modes easily. Multtiple supports all the basic features of twitter.

For Tumblr, Multtiple displays your dashboard, posts, Reblog and Likes.


  • Desktop client for Twitter and Tumblr
  • Supports all basic twitter functions
  • One of the few desktop clients for Tumblr

Multtiple Says

Multtiple is the social service client supports multiple platform(Windows, Mac, and Linux), accounts, and services(Twitter and Tumblr).


  • Multtiple – Desktop client for twitter and tumblr


  • @multtiple – An support account for Multtiple – a Social web client
  • @hajyme – A software engineer. Please also check @hajime if you speak Japanese.

Vodafone Update – A twitter app for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop from Vodafone!

Vodafone Update let’s you update your status on many major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.

You can view status updates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace. @repy to your friends updates. Search twitter tweets in real-time. Upload and share photos. Supported for Windows and Mac.

This app is available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone as well as for the Desktop (Adobe AIR based app)


  • Social network app from Vodafone
  • Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop
  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn
  • @Reply, Search tweets and upload and share photos
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS X

Vodafone Update Says

With Vodafone Update you can access messages from your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts. All in one app.


  • Vodafone Update – What’s happening right now on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn?

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  • @cheth – Chief Web / Graphic Designer; Head Designer and Founder of CS. Current Status: Creative depot / Entertainment Desk of a Leading Weekly Magazine.

SocialVisor – Adobe AIR twitter app for those in a hurry

SocialVisor is a non-obtrusive Adobe AIR based Twitter app that quietly sits on your desktop without disturbing you.

Unlike desktop apps like TweetDeck, Seesmic etc. which take up the entire screen space (I’ve been thinking of getting a new LCD for my TweetDeck!), SocialVisor takes up only a small portion of your desktop. Since its built on Adobe AIR, you can use this twitter app on Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

SocialVisor makes use of Twitter oAuth for authentication. It supports all the functionalities you would want from a regular twitter app such as @replies, DM, favorites, Groups etc.

Twitter conversations are displayed as threaded chats. You can forward any tweet as an email. Share photos easily with your friends as well as comment on them. Split long tweets into multiple tweets.

Apart from Twitter, SocialVisor also supports Facebook. The ‘Groups’ functionality of SocialVisor lets you include both your Twitter as well as Facebook friends into a single group!


  • Adobe AIR based Twitter app
  • Takes up minimal screen space
  • Uses Twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Supports Windows, Linux as well as Mac

SocialVisor Says

Twitter and Facebook application



  • @socialvisor – A real person tweeting updates and announcements for SocialVisor: productivity focused Twitter and Facebook client in a Sleek, ‘stock-ticker’ like package.
  • @atamir – Entrepreneur + Founder/CEO of Intelemail & SocialVisor.com

Seesmic Look – immerse yourself in the real-time web

Seesmic Look is a cool twitter desktop app for windows users. Optimized for Windows 7 (it runs on XP as well as Vista), Seesmic Look is one of the  prettiest twitter desktop apps around.

I would suggest you use this if you are particularly interested in using twitter as a search tool. The search results appear in a soothing way helping you keep track of the tweets. You can view trends, favorites, interests, channels etc.


  • Desktop Twitter app optimized for Windows 7
  • Search, track trends easily
  • Preloaded channels, interests etc.
  • Ideal for beginners as well as marketers
  • Keep track of tweets mentioning your brand

Seesmic Look Says

Seesmic Look is a unique way to immerse yourself in the real-time web. Optimized for Windows 7, this innovative interface allows you to feel the pulse of millions of users or be inspired by individuals of your specific interest. Beginners learning to understand real-time can stay engaged and connected without even logging into Twitter, while experienced users can take advantage of Look’s powerful features in creative and imaginative ways.



  • @seesmic – I make updates and announcements for Seesmic.com Send feedback/questions to @askseesmic

Twitt – Twitter app for Mac users who value a good user interface

Twitt is for all you Mac users who love a beautiful user interface more than anything else.

What sets Twitt apart from all the other Twitter apps is that it lets you modify the HTML and CSS and control the way tweets are displayed. Twitt supports Twitpic, img.ly and yFrog for image sharing.

You can add multiple twitter accounts. If tweets with particular keywords are annoying you and clogging your timeline, you can easily filter them out. New tweet notification is available which alerts you when new tweets come in.

Designers can create custom themes for Twitt.


  • Twitter app for Mac users
  • Customizable tweet pages, just modify the HTML and CSS
  • Create themes
  • Supports yfrog, Twitpic and img.ly
  • Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Filter tweets based on keywords


Twitt Says

Tastes are always changing, and there’s no reason why you should be locked into one specific look by your Twitter client. Twitt allows you to easily customize the way content is displayed, using easy to make (and modify) HTML+CSS themes.


  • Twitt – Twitter desktop app for your Mac


  • @twittapp – The new bird watcher on the block

TweetGlide – a simple desktop application for Twitter and Facebook users

TweetGlide is an Adobe AIR based application developed to help you use Twitter and Facebook through your desktop. The app is available for PC as well as Mac users. The site promises to soon come out with an iPhone app too.

You can manage multiple accounts easily (coming soon). The app has customizable columns that can be turned on and off whenever needed. You can tweet extra long tweets (more than 140 characters). You can see all of your followers, bulk follow them or bulk unfollow and block other users, select how often your Glides update, enter your Facebook information…and more!


  • Twitter and Facebook desktop application
  • Available for PC and Mac, coming soon for iPhone
  • Tweet more than 140 characters
  • Customizable columns
  • Bulk follow unfollow twitter users


TweetGlide Says

Tweetglide is Free Software that lets you manage your Twitter and Facebook account easier. It is fun and free to use so start today and see how fun Twitter can be with TweetGlide



  • @TweetGlide – The Official TweetGlide Twitter Profile

MahTweets – Desktop Twitter and Facebook application

MahTweets is a free and open source desktop application supporting social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A variety of third party sites such as TwitPic, flickr, YFrog etc. are supported. Pics shared using some of the supported third party sites are displayed inline thus making image viewing more convenient. MahTweets automatically splits long tweets for you.

A really useful feature is the option to filter hashtags. You can opt to exclude tweets which contain hashtags that clog your timeline.


  • Open source Twitter and Facebook application
  • Inline Pictures
  • Tweet Splitting
  • Auto expand shortened URLs
  • Filtering of hashtags
  • Multiple uploading services



  • MahTweets – Desktop Twitter and Facebook application


  • @mahtweets – I’m a WPF Twitter client.
  • @Aeoth – We are the League of Paul, fear us for we are one. MahTweets developer
  • @WillHughes – Not a people person. May explode without warning or apparent provocation.
  • @ShiftKey
  • @UXLuver – WPF/Silverlight designer. I got a black belt in Blend!
  • @NickHodge – Mercurial, Iconoclastic Professional Geek working for Microsoft. Doing stuff with open source & web communities. Lover of programming languages & @mrsnickhodge

TweetPocket – desktop and iPhone twitter app

TweetPocket is an iPhone twitter client which also has an Adobe AIR based desktop application.

The desktop application comes off as a slim n trim twitter desktop client. If all you want to do is tweet and share images, this is the app for you. TweetPocket doesn’t take too much of screen space either.

Multiple twitter accounts are supported apart from features such as URL shortening, image uploads, following and unfollowing users etc.

Since the application has been built on the Adobe AIR platform it supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


  • Desktop and iPhone twitter application
  • Desktop version gives you just the features you need to tweet
  • Takes up minimum screen space
  • Adobe AIR app supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux


TweetPocket Says

TweetPocket Desktop aims to streamline how you use Twitter on your Windows, Mac & Linux based computers. TweetPocket Desktop gives you the power of Twitter on your desktop without cluttering your up your screen and using precious desktop space.



Buzzom Desktop – twitter desktop client for your PC

Buzzom Desktop is yet another twitter application from the developers of the bulk follow unfollow twitter tool TwitIn.

You can easily manage multiple twitter accounts, have friend lists and temporarily hide tweets from users you do not wish to view updates from. The tweet hiding feature comes in handy when at times a few of your twitter friends start clogging your timeline with updates that do not interest you or are irrelevant to you.

The application lets you view tweets based on categories such as Celebrity, News, Social Media, Sports and Technology. There’s a really nice Search feature which lets you search on various criteria such as Content, Location, Users as well as Bio.

Uploading videos and images cannot be simpler than this. All you need to do is just drag and drop the pics or videos and they would be automatically uploaded for you! Long URLs are automatically shortened.


  • Desktop twitter client
  • Hide tweets from users without unfollowing them
  • Drag and drop videos and images
  • Create friend list
  • View tweets based on categories such as Sports, Technology, News etc.
  • Automatically shortens long URLs


Buzzom Says

Buzzom Desktop is a new cool way of managing your tweets and friends in Twitter. It allows you to manage more than one account and lets you group your friends according to your requirement.

Buzzom Desktop allows you to hide uninteresting tweets temporarily. It also allows you to view tweets according to category like news, celebrity, sports, social media and economics without your need of following them.

Buzzom also provides a live search which allows you to search bu content, Bio, location and user. Buzzom Desktop allows you to tweet like a PRO.


  • Buzzom – A new cool way of managing your tweets and friends on twitter


  • @leplan – CEO and Co-Founder, InRev Systems