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TweetComb Android App

If you have Honeycomb version based Android gadget, then TweetComb is the app that deserves to acquire some space on your device. This awesome Android app gives you tablet-friendly interaction with your Twitter account. You can read your Timeline, can check for messages and can send messages to others.  The background updates keep you notified about the new messages. You can change the settings in Notification area to modify the alerts to be sent to you on the availability of new tweets and messages. You can search for trending topics within this app and can use the Bit.ly service to shorten the links used in your tweets. You can even post tweets longer than 140 characters by creating a link to longer tweet. The search tab in this app allows you to search for specific tweets and hash tags.  You can follow and unfollow other people right from your Android tablet by using this app. Moreover, you can view the images from the app itself and can review the web pages before visiting them. Impressed? Well, you must be. This app is free to use. So what are you waiting for? You should give this app, a try now.


  • Interact with Twitter in tablet-friendly manner
  • Search for trending topics, tweets and hash tags
  • View the images without leaving the app
  • Preview the web pages before visiting them
  • Bit.ly service to shorten URLs
  • Post tweets longer than 140 characters



TweetComb Says

TweetComb is the best Twitter client for Android devices, specially designed to give tablet-friendly interaction with your Twitter account on Honeycomb version.

Web Says

TweetComb– Interact with Twitter in the tablet-friendly manner designed for Honeycomb.