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TweetsForACause – 140 is all it takes to make a difference in someone’s life

TweetsForACause wants to help charities and you should probably hop in for this good cause.

On the first Tuesday of every month, TweetsForACause would tweet out a message asking you to help a local charity. You can chip in by tweeting the message to your followers.

Remember, 140 is all it takes to make a difference.


  • Help charities by supporting them and tweeting the cause
  • New charities mentioned on the first Tuesday of every month


TweetsForACause Says

It’s simple. All it takes is the desire to help, a minute of your time and a single Twitter message. As a collaborative effort among even just a hundred local activists, your voice and call to action might just become the “tweet heard around the world.”

Tweets for a Cause is an avid group of social media users who believe that friends, working in concert, can change the world. Because we believe charity begins at home, our initial effort will begin with active Atlanta tweeters, in hopes to create a mass support for local based non-profits by promoting small but organized acts of giving.



  • @TweetsForACause – We tweet in unison to promote a local charity. We sometimes gather for fun and often pat ourselves on the back. Join us!

Twibbon – easiest way to promote your cause on twitter

Twibbon helps you promote a novel cause on twitter. All you need to do is create a new cause on twibbon and upload an image that identifies with your cause.

Apart from creating causes, you can also support a cause that has been previously created on twibbon. When you support a cause, your twitter profile image would automatically be overlaid with an image that identifies with the cause, something similar to the green images twitter users had to support the #IranElection

Update: As a show of support for the Indian Independence day, you can have the Indian Flag on your twitter profile. There are quite a few types of Indian flags that you can choose to have on your twitter profile pic, but if you are in a hurry then we suggest you get the one created by @cheth from here.


  • Create a cause and find supporters on twitter
  • Automatically adds an overlay image to your profile supporting a cause


Twibbon Says

twibbon.com is the easiest way to promote awareness of your cause on twitter. Create a twibbon in 3 easy steps and soon all your supporters will be proudly wearing their twibbons on their twitter profile images. Simply describe your cause and upload a twibbon image and we will do the rest.


  • Twibbon – Easiest way to start and promote a cause on twitter


  • @twibbon – Start Something Now! Twibbon spreads awareness about your cause by overlaying an image onto your supporters’ Twitter profile avatars. Quick and easy!