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IMDB Twitter Bot – get info about movies and celebrities

IMDB has a twitter bot that lets you receive information about movies, tv shows and celebrities. All you need to do is send a tweet to @imdb in the form of “t movie title or TV show title” or “p person’s name” and @imdb will send back a small info and a link.


@imdb t Lost

@imdb p Will Smith

This is probably one of the easiest way to receive information about movies and celebrities. The bot takes approximately a minute to respond.


  • IMDB bot that gives information on movies, tv shows and celebrities
  • Takes around a minute to respond
  • Best way to find information related to movies


Send a tweet to @imdb in form of “t movie title or TV show title” or “p person’s name” and we’ll send back a bit of info and a link.


  • IMDB – IMDB bot that gives information on movies, tv shows and celebrities


  • @imdb – The folks at IMDb talking about movies, TV and celebrities

Excla.im – update your twitter status through IM

Excla.im is a bot developed for Jabber. If you have a Jabber/GTalk account, you can start using excla.im right away to update your twitter status through IM.

This is the simplest twitter IM bot available. Unlike other IM clients like twip.me and Filttr bot, this bot only updates your twitter status message and nothing else.

To start using the bot, you need to first provide Excla.im with your twitter credentials by signing up using a Google account.


  • Jabber/GTalk bot for updating your twitter status
  • Simple and easy app for twitter status updates through IM


Excla.im Says

Excla.im is a jabber bot that allows you to update your twitter status very simply.


  • Excla.im – Update your twitter status through Jabber/GTalk client


  • @harper – I am pretty awesome. I talk about tech, awesome stuff, hanging out and hacking random things. Check out this simple guide to my tweets: http://bit.ly/r1GnK
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Twittercal – add events to Google Calendar via twitter

Twittercal is a bot developed for twitter which helps users to add events to their Google Calendar by sending a DM to the bot!

To be able to add events to your google calendar, you need to first follow @gcal on twitter. After that, you need to give twittercal permission to access your Google Calendar account.

Once you are done with the initial setup process, you can start sending DMs’ to @gcal with the body containing the contents along with the date.

Example: d gcal profile twittercal on twi5 tomorrow at 9pm


  • Add events to Google Calendar via twitter
  • Events added by sending a DM to @gcal


TwitterCal Says

It’s a free service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar. Add events in a snap from your favorite Twitter client.



Twip.me – twitter on instant messaging for Yahoo, Windows Live and GTalk

Twip.me is a twitter instant messaging client which has been developed to support Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Jabber/GTalk.

A long long time ago, twitter had a feature that allowed users to receive tweets through Instant Messaging clients. That feature was taken down and twitter said it would be back soon. Well, it never came back and looks like it never will!

A lot of similar services have been developed for IM clients since then such as ping.fm’s IM bot, Filttr and excla.im. Twip.me is the new kid on the block with some good features.

Twip.me allows you to send @Reply, DM and update your twitter status. You can also send bulk DM by comma separating the usernames of your followers.

You can even follow and unfollow twitter users over this IM client! If you feel the updates are too much, you can pause them and resume as and when you like.

All in all, twip.me has a good set of features you can expect from a twitter IM application.


  • Twitter IM application which supports Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Jabber/GTalk
  • Receive twitter updates via IM
  • @Reply, DM and update your twitter status
  • Send bulk DM by comma separating the usernames
  • Follow or unfollow twitter users over IM


Twip.me Says

Twip.me is getting twitter to your favorite IM client. You will receive all your friends’ updates and direct messages right in your IM window and you will also be able to send tweets or dms.


  • Twip.me – Twitter on Instant Messaging works with Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Jabber/GTalk


  • @twipme – Ready to serve twitter on IM.

Climatweet – local weather updates to your twitter account

Climatweet sends you weather updates once a day. No matter in which part of the world you reside, just enter your twitter username and your location.

Updates will be sent only once a day. You have the option to choose whether you want updates sent as an @Reply or DM. You also get to choose whether you want the updates in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • Get weather updates once a day
  • Weather updates for any part of the world
  • Option to receive updates as @Reply or DM
  • Get updates in Celsius or Farenheit


ClimaTweet Says

With Climatweet you can get weather updates sent to your Twitter account daily.


  • ClimaTweet – local weather updates to your twitter account


  • @climatweet – Get daily weather updates to your Twitter account

Mr. MileStone – twitter follower count milestones

Mr. MileStone sends you congratulatory tweets every time your twitter follower count reaches a milestone. You can then show off your achievement by retweeting the tweet.

To get replies from Mr. MileStone all you have to do is follow Mr. MileStone on twitter. Unfollow to stop receiving replies on reaching a milestone.


  • Get replies congratulating a milestone with respect to follower count
  • Follow Mr. MileStone on twitter to receive the tweets
  • UnFollow to stop receiving replies


Mr. MileStone Says

Mr. MileStone will send you a tweet when you have reached…

* (…every 100 followers)


  • Mr. MileStone – Receive tweets when your twitter follower count reaches a MileStone


  • @MrMileStone – I send you tweets when you have reached social status nirvana!
  • @robertbanh – Web Developer/Designer. Currently and obsessively building twitter apps weekly: http://bit.ly/roDP

TweetTrak – track keywords on twitter

TweetTrak helps you track keywords of interest on twitter.It tracks the twitter public timeline for keywords that you ask it to track.

Suppose you have a blog and would love to know about twitter users who tweet about it. Just follow TweetTrak and send a DM as track (your blog name) and TweetTrak would notify you every time someone tweets about your blog.


  • Track keywords of interest
  • Get notified whenever someone tweets about your tracked keyword


TweetTrak Says

Tracking allows you to watch all public tweets in the world for specific terms. Whenever anyone sends a tweet with something you’re tracking, it forwards the tweet to you.


  • TweetTrak – track keywords of interest on twitter


  • @tweettrak – Follow me, then send a DM to me: ‘track (term)’ to get messaged whenever someone tweets that term. Tweet questions to @RyanK
  • @RyanK



TwittBot is a twitter service that allows multiple users to tweet on a single Twitter account as well as a single user to tweet to multiple twitter accounts.

So what basically happens is that when you sign up, you would be able to get hold of a bot that would help you accomplish this task.

Bots can be marked as “open” (anyone can post to the bot) or “closed” (only a select list can post the group).


Try sending an @Reply to @twittbottest. Within a few minutes it would be republished on the @twittbottest page.

TwittBot allows fine control over who can and can’t post to your bot. Instead of relying on who you’ve followed, TwittBot lets you follow as many people as you’d like, but still control who gets to post to your bot! You can block specific users from posting or allow only a specified number of people to post.

This app is cool for groups on twitter.


  • Multiple users can tweet to a single account
  • Post to multiple twitter accounts
  • Control the bot with the “Open” and “Closed” feature
  • Block unwanted users from publishing
  • Allow only a specified set of people to publish

TwittBot Says

TwittBot is a service that allows multiple people to publish to a single Twitter account, and for a single person to post to multiple Twitter accounts.


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Follows – get changes to your followers list emailed

TwitApps Follows is a twitter bot that keeps track of your follower list and emails you about New Followers and Ex-Followers (people who unfollowed you).

Follows is the second app from TwitApps after Replies.

You get to choose whether you wish to receive emails daily, weekly or monthly.

You need to follow the TwitApps Follows bot to be able to start or stop this feature as well as control the frequency of emails you receive.


  • Get emails summarizing New Followers and users who unfollowed you
  • Option to receive emails daily, weekly or monthly


TwitApps Follows Says

Get changes to your followers list emailed to you regularly. New followers and ex-followers, aggregated into a single email either daily, weekly or monthly.



Filttr – IM

Filttr has IM and an Adobe AIR based desktop app along with the web interface.

Filttr’s IM bot can help those who have twitter blocked at their workplaces to easily access all tweets, @Replies as well as DMs!

  • Receive all tweets and DMs by IM
  • Option to pause tweets
  • Perform whois
  • Twitter Search