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TwitterWind – display twitter timelines on your blog or website

TwitterWind lets you display tweets from your twitter timeline on your blog. What that means is your blog readers would see the same tweets that you get to see in your twitter timeline.

TwitterWind uses twitter oAuth for authentication. You can select what content you want displayed on the widget. To display the widget on your blog you just need to copy paste a small snippet of the code.


  • Display your twitter timeline on your blog or website
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Choose what content to display

TwitterWind Says

TwitterWind: a widget that lets you display Twitter timelines on your blog or website.


  • TwitterWind – Display twitter timelines on your blog or website


  • @jksy – プログラマ twitterwind中の人
  • @ikasuzee – こんにちは、リツと言います。SNSの運営・ポータルサイトのサービス企画などいろんな仕事をしてきました。インターネットに助けられっぱなしなので自分も何か恩返しができればと思ってます☆→恩返し第一弾、TL・フォロワーを表示できるTwitterブログパーツhttp://www.twitter-wind.com/

Tawidget – events widget for blogs and websites

Tawidget is a site built on top of Taweet, a twitter apps site that helps you schedule tweets and events on Twitter.

Tawidget is an extension to Taweet and lets you display your events to your blog or website visitors. The widget is completely customizable. If you’re a WordPress blogger, Tawidget works great with WordPress. Simply copy and paste your custom widget code into the sidebar or any other place on a HTML webpage where you would like to display your upcoming events.


  • Display events that you create with Taweet on your blog
  • Easily customizable


Tawidget Says

Easily add an events widget to any website or blog with Tawidget. Click here to customize your widget.

Tawidget is an application built in partnership with Taweet, a social calendar and events promotion application that interacts with Twitter.


  • Tawidget – Events widget for blogs and websites


  • @tawidget – Tawidget Events Widget allows you to easily promote your upcoming events on any website or blog and share your events to Twitter.

DuckDuckGo – twitter widgets

DuckDuckGo brings you two twitter widgets that would help you in spreading the word about your various social network profiles to your blog readers.

One named Karma Widget allows you to create a widget that contains stats about your social network. The other widget called as Profiles Widget allows you to easily display links to your various social profiles!

There is absolutely no coding knowlegde required. Just enter your username and the appropriate widget code would be generated automatically.


  • Widget to display your twitter as well as other network karma
  • Widget to display a link to all your social networks