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Birdhouse- A Notepad For Twitter

Birdhouse works as Notepad for Twitter on your iPhone. There might have been chances when your mind got struck with many ideas that could be converted into tweets, but you forgot them to post.

Nothing like this will happen with you if you use Birdhouse on your iOS device. It’s like notepad that lets you to save your tweets in it and that also with the 140 characters limit. You can save as many tweets you want, the tweets, that you wish to be there on your Twitter timeline later.

You can also draft the tweets with stars for easy finding. You can publish these saved tweets from multiple Twitter accounts. And yes the best thing is that you can manage all these activities via email.

The app is completely free to use and is available for iOS devices, i.e iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You should give Birdhouse, a try now.


  • Quickly jot down your ideas, just like in Notes
  • Count down to 140 characters, just like in Twitter
  • Capture your ideas offline, even in Airplane mode
  • Manage and publish from multiple Twitter accounts
Birdhouse Says
Ever think of something for your Twitter that you don’t want to post right away? Birdhouse is the perfect place to put it.

Birdhouse won’t replace your favorite iPhone Twitter client, it’ll add to it. Put Birdhouse right next to your Twitter client and use them together.

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Birdhouse– A Notepad For Twitter




Tweetings- Twitter Client For iOS

We at Twi5, do our best to review the app that are worth to give try. So in this ongoing series of reviews, we are here with the review of Tweetings, a Twitter client for iOS.

This app is designed to give you a desktop type experience of Twitter on your iOS based device iPhone or iPad. All Twitter desktop version’s features related to posting tweets are included in this app. The inline preview feature makes it possible to preview the images and videos within the app.

You can shorten URL and can use Twitlonger to post tweets longer than 140 characters. Searching for trending topics and tweets have become easy with the Tweetings. Apart from these basic features that you can find in almost every Twitter client, the unique feature of Tweetings that I would like to mention here is its customizable ability. This app enables you to control your Twitter account in the real sense. You can customize it, the way you want.

Offline tweets can be scheduled to read and images/videos can be uploaded by this app.

Lemme stop here otherwise the article will never end due to long list of its features. So I pointed out the major features here.

Still thinking to use it? Come on, you should give Tweetings, a try now.


  • Mute users, hashtags and more
  • Inline photo viewing & view your timeline in photos
  • Roll your own custom color themes and share them with others
  • – Instant push notifications for direct messages, @ mentions

Tweetings Says

Tweetings is a Twitter client for the iPhone with an extensive feature list including lists, push, geolocation and syncs your timeline with your Mac or iPad!

Follow your friends tweets, share your photos & videos, view conversations, who’s nearby and find out what’s trending at the moment.

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Tweetings– Twitter Client For iOS



Type n Walk- Be Careful While Typing

How many times it has happened with you that you were busy in the world of chatting with your friends and you met with a little accident with the obstacles on your path?? Well, stop counting it now as it might have happened with you many times.

Type n Walk is an awesome app for those who lost their consciousness in the deep world of chatting. This app is available for iOS devices and lets you to have a view of your front side on your device’s screen while using any other app like an email related app or any Twitter client.

This app uses your device’s camera to give you a transparent viewport of what’s in front of you. You can enjoy the email or Twitter related clients and on the same time can save yourself from hitting with the obstacle in your path.

Stop waiting and give Type n Walk, a try now.


  • Best app that is made for other apps
  • Transparent viewport of things in front of you
  • Completely free to use
Type n Walk Says
Type n Walk displays a transparent viewport of what’s directly in front of you. This combined with your peripheral vision is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles — like walking face-first into a tree!
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Type n Walk– Be Careful While Typing




Teweetlogix- Twitter App For iPhone and iPod Touch

Spam tweets, links and messages on Twitter are making it a place of spam, spam and only spam. Twitter offers you very less features to make your timeline free from any spam. But all the iPhone and iPod users need not to worry about it as Tweetlogix is the app out there in the iTunes, to help you.

Tweetlogix cones with powerful filtering by which you can mute tweets, mentions, topics or even retweets. Apart from that you can choose from a no. of themes to use with this app and can also customize them according to your needs. The powerful inline features like inline videos, links, pictures view lets you to use Twitter, in the way you want.

Trending topics and tweets can be easily searched with the full-featured search tab. You can create list of your favorite users, can post on your timeline easily, can bookmark the tweets and a lot more with this app. This is must have app for all iPhone and iPod users.

This awesome rich-features app is waiting for you in iTunes. You should give Tweetlogix, a    try now.

Tweetlogix Says

Tweetlogix makes Twitter on your iPhone or iPod touch better than ever. Powerful filtering lets you instantly mute users, keywords or phrases. Design your own color themes, view inline images, search nearby, and much more. All in a simple, fast, easy-to-navigate app. Visit tweetlogix.com to learn more.

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Teweetlogix– Twitter App For iPhone and iPod Touch




Tweetery- Simplify Your Tweet Sream

Having an iPhone in your pocket and searching for Twitter apps in iTunes? Well, you will surely trend that most of the apps are tough to use. Although such apps provide awesome features but there is not any value of features if you can’t use them. Is there any?

In this bustling race, Tweetery is an app coming from the long list of Twitter apps like a shining star. Design is the most important factor and this is what Tweetery has taken serious care of. It comes with Elegant design which makes it simple to use.

Mute feature is another eye-catching part that lets you to mute the tweets coming from annoying users without unfollowing them. Quick Action Panel gives you fast and easy access to all basic actions that you would like to do with a tweet or your profile. You can refresh the app whenever you want so as to get new tweets coming from your friends.

Moreover, you can access your friend’s profile, can upload photos, can send or receive messages, can view links within the app and can do a lot more with Tweetery.

You should give Tweetery, a try now.


  • Clean, elegant interface
  • Mute users temporarily, no unfollow needed!
  • Post new tweets, retweet, and replies
  • Intelligent caching recognizes updated avatars
  • Manual refresh
  • Ad free

Tweetery Says

Simplify your tweet stream! Temporarily mute people who over tweet. Take action on a tweet faster than ever with our slick tweet action panel. With a clean, elegant interface maximizing legibility and simplicity, Tweetery™ is more than a twitter client– it’s a pleasure to use.

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Tweetery– Simplify Your Tweet Sream



Osfoora HD- Twitter App For iPad

If you have been looking for all-in-one Twitter client for your iPad for a long time, then here is the end of your search, as I just came through an awesome app called Osfoora HD and after trying it on my iPad, I decided to took some time to write a review of it. So here I am with its review.

Osfoora HD is an awesome Twitter client with all basic and some advanced features as well. You can customize your Twitter account right from your iPad. You can change the font size to suit your needs and also can change the refresh rate. The notifications are sent via BoxCar app and Twitlonger support is included in this app that lets you to tweet more than 140 characters.  You can easily create and manage Twitter lists and can search for nearby tweets. Some other basic features like multiple Twitter account support, send and receive messages, upload photos/videos etc. are also part of amazing features list of Osfoora HD.

Osfoora HD is like a blessing for iPad users and Twitter addicted. I have this app already on my iPad. What about you? You should give Osfoora HD, a try now.


  • Change the font size and themes
  • Notifications via BoxCar app
  • Set the refresh rate according to your need
  • Full profile control
  • Search for tweets geographically
  • Multiple Twitter account’s support

Osfoora HD Says

Osfoora HD for Twitter is a blazing fast and clean twitter client for your iPad. Provides elegant and easy access to all of Twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora HD has all the features of Osfoora for iPhone and more.
With a gorgeous user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), text expander, boxcar support, twitter lists, nearby tweets, and the ability to tweet songs… using twitter becomes a joy!

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Osfoora HD– Twitter App For iPad




Rowi- Best Twitter Windows App , Now Available For Windows 8

If you are Windows operating system user, then you must be familiar with the Rowi, an awesome Twitter app for Windows. Rowi is one of the best Twitter apps for Windows so far and now this very popular app is also available for Windows 8.

While the on going Twitter apps come with a huge list of features, this one comes with the motto of ‘Keep it Simple Silly’ and in fact does so. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced Twitter user, this app has got good features for you.

The app has been developed by considering the best features at their simplest. The user interface is intuitive and every feature is simple to use. You can share tweets, can retweet others tweets, can send and receive messages, can view images and links within the app. Toast notification features in this app Rowi, keeps you updated with the latest tweets coming from your friends.

This is really an awesome Twitter app and is now available for Windows 8. So give Rowi, a try now.


  • Columns for home timeline, mentions, direct messages, favorites, media filter and trends
  • Inline maps and photos
  • Toast notifications of new tweets
  • Auto-refresh interval setting
  • Search on Twitter from Windows Search Charm

Rowi Says

Rowi is an easy to use Twitter app for Windows with a clean and simple interface. If you are a serious Twitter user or a beginner, this is the app for you! Instead of focusing on a big list of features, we built Rowi with the overall experience in mind. You’ll find Rowi has a simple, streamlined, easy to use Metro interface that feels like it’s part of Windows.

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Rowi– Best Twitter Windows app , now available for Windows 8



MetroTwit- Twitter App For Windows 8

Microsoft’s engineers have been working hard on Windows 8 development for the last two years and it’s going to hit the stores soon. Preview versions are already available to download from the official Microsoft website. Few days back, Windows 8 version was leaked on torrent sites. Well, whatsoever, now the apps have started getting developed for Windows 8 and MetroTwit is one of those. It’s Twitter client for Windows 8.

It makes the Twitter usage on Windows 8, very simple. The best thing about the app is its cool and attractive user interface. You get all the basic Twitter features like post tweets, reply to others, send and receive messages etc. on this app. You can track your timeline with interactive tiles, can multiple tabs on the home screen for your ease, can view trending topics, can search for tweets and hashtags;  all that features on single app.

So what are you waiting for? Give MetroTwit, a try now.


  • View your timeline in a interactive way
  • Cool and attractive user interface
  • Search for trending topics with ease
  • Snap View feature for quick access to tweets

MetroTwit Says

MetroTwit is the Twitter client for Windows 8 you’ll love to use. INSPIRED BY METRO. MetroTwit celebrates an elegant and clean user interface that’s beautiful to look at and a pleasure to read. LESS IS MORE. It looks simple because it is simple. MetroTwit is proudly just a Twitter client and brings out the best Twitter has to offer with simple yet intuitive features. MADE FOR WINDOWS 8.

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MetroTwit– Twitter app for Windows 8



Trill- Nokia S60 Twitter Client

Hello to all readers of Twi5. In this post, I am going to review Trill. Before you misunderstand it as Samsung phone, lemme tell you that Trill is Twitter client for Symbian mobile phones (coincidentally, both have same name) and is currently limited to Symbian 60 only .

Trill enables you to enjoy Twitter in a better user interface. The best feature of this app is its speed. It uses the texts instead of icons, making Twitter to load faster and faster. You can stay updated with the tweets coming on your timeline, while on the move. You can also post tweets of your own.

Clicking on any tweet gives you access to all basic tweet related features. You can also send and receive direct messages via this app. If any tweet include the links with it, then you can preview them within the app in mobile friendly manner. Trill also offers you inline view of images.

Trill is completely free to use and can be downloaded from Nokia Ovi store. You should give Trill, a try now.


  • The best Twitter app for S60 phones
  • Inline view of images included in the tweets
  • Open links in mobile friendly manner
  • Fast in response
  • Completely free to use

Trill says

Trill is a ” State Of the Art ” Twitter client for your Nokia device. Trill allows you to manage your Twitter presence on the go. Things like updating your timeline, responding to friends, browsing the links, tracking tags etc. Interacting with the world in 140 characters had never been more fun.

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Trill– Trill- Nokia S60 Twitter Client

Twibble- Twitter App For BlackBerry

From the ever growing list of Twitter apps for BlackBerry, I would like to introduce you with an awesome Twitter app that should be there on the BlackBerry of every Twitter addicted person. Twibble is the app, which I am talking about. Twibble is an awesome Twitter app for BlackBerry with all features that one may need for perfect use of Twitter.

The best feature of Twibble is its auto updating feature. You can set any time for automatic update of Twibble to retrieve the new tweets from your Twitter timeline. You can post tweets, can retweet others tweets, can receive and send messages etc. all that with this single app. The links coming along with the tweets can be viewed in the Twibble itself.

Moreover, this app loads only necessary data resulting in saving of internet data which is good for users having limited internet plans.

You should give Twibble, a try now.


  • Auto update feature
  • Send and Receive messages
  • Post tweets and retweet others tweets
  • Less data usage

Twibble Says

Twibble is the best Twitter app for BlackBerry to enjoy all the features of Twitter with ease and speed on your BlackBerry smartphone.

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Twibble– Twitter app for BlackBerry