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Pictarine- View The Latest Photos of people You Care About

Pictarine is an app developed for Android that lets you to view the View the latest photos of people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Connect your social media accounts with this app and you will start getting the latest photos’ updates right on your Android device. Stay up to date with your friends’ photos and be the first to like, comment and share them.

This app supports the sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. This app ensures you to not to miss any single photo update from your friend.

It’s completely free to use. Give Pictarine a try now.


  • Supports 11 major social networking sites
  • Get the latest photos’ updates in your pocket
  • Like and comment the Facebook and Instagram photos
  • Zoom in and out feature
  • Completely free to use
Pictarine- Never Miss Any Single Photo

Pictarine Says

Use Pictarine to get the latest photos’ updates from your friends on social media. Be the first to like, comment and share your friends’ photos.

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Pictarine– Latest Photos’ Updates From Social Media




Weet- Twitter Client For iPhone

Weet is a Twitter client for iPhone with some cool features to enhance your experience of using Twitter on your iPhone.

The simple user interface is the feature that I like the most in this app. Instapaper and Read It Later services to allow you to read the tweets later. Customize the Twitter, the way you want. Assign different colors to different users and assign tabs for easy access. Some well known Twitter tools like Bit.ly, CloudApp, MobyPicture, Posterous, Twitpic and TwitVid comes built-in with this app. Post longer tweets with twtmore.

Moreover, you can manage your multiple Twitter accounts with this app. In short, Weet can also be tagged as house of all best tools and services developed for Twitter.

You should give Weet, a try now.


  • Simple and Clean user interface
  • Read It Later and Instapaper support
  • Twtmore support
  • Quick access to your conversations
  • Notification via BoxCar
  • Multiple account support

Weet Says

Weet is powered by the greatest third-party services available. Bit.ly, CloudApp, MobyPicture, Posterous, Twitpic, TwitVid, Twtmore are some third-party services included in this app.

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Weet– Twitter Client For iPhone




La Twit- Rich-Featured Twitter Client For iOS

La Twit is a rich-featured Twitter client for iOS 3.0 devices that lets you to enjoy you Twitter in the way, that you always hoped for.

Manage your multiple Twitter accounts and send one tweet to your them at single instant. It also supports the ping.fm, helping you to send your message to many social networking sites. Live updates from your friends on Twitter, are shown immediately and pictures can also be viewed within the app.

The links are highlighted making it easy to find them and preview feature allows you to view the webpage to which any particular link points. Links can be shortened and you can also make tweet with more than 140 characters.

So what are you waiting for? Give La Twit a try now.


  • TwitPic image preview displayed directly in the timeline view.
  • Post to Ping.fm
  • Send a single message to multiple sites and accounts
  • Landscape mode to enhance your experience
  • Color coding of messages by account
  • Fully customizable navigation bar

La Twit Says

La Twit is a full-featured Twitter client for iOS devices that allows you to use Twitter, the way you hoped for. Lots of amazing features that you can’t find in any other Twitter client.

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La Twit– Rich-Featured Twitter Client For iOS


ScreenTweet- Share Pictures, Screenshots, Videos and Sounds To Twitter

ScreenTweet is a web-based app that lets you to share pictures, screenshots, videos and sounds to your Twitter account. You can perform all these tasks with single click.

Using this app is simple. Login using your Twitter account details and you are all ready for sharing tasks. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the photo, video or other multimedia, that you want to upload.

Clicking the upload button will send that particular multimedia file directly on your Twitter account. Moreover, it’s completely free to use. You should give ScreenTweet, a try now.


  • Share pictures, screenshots, videos, sounds on Twitter with ease
  • No need to login into Twitter again and again
  • Completely free to use

ScreenTweet Says

You need 1000’s of words to share your thoughts. Twitter only allows 140 characters. Using images, videos, sounds etc. is the best way to express your thoughts on Twitter. ScreenTweet lets you to do so with proper ease.

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ScreenTweet– Share Pictures, Screenshots, Videos and Sounds To Twitter





JAJAH@Call – Now You Can Tweet To Talk

JAJAH@Call is cool app that lets you to make calls by using Twitter. With this app, you can make calls to other JAJAH@Call user by using Twitter.

To start call, use the @call in the reply to the person, whom you want to talk. For example, if you want to make call to @Twi5, tweet will be like this @call @Twi5 (with space between both usernames).

JAJAH@Call will ring your phone up and then will contact to the person, whom you mention with @call. The call is limited to 2 minutes and phone no. of both parties is not shown while making call. For privacy issues, you can make calls only to your followers.

The call you make is completely free. This app is simply more than awesome. You should give JAJAH@Call, a try now.


  • Tweet to talk
  • Use @call in the reply tweet to make call
  • Phone no. of both parties is kept hidden
  • Calls are absolutely free of cost
  • Maximum call duration is 2 minutes
  • Calls can be made to your followers only
  • Both parties must be part of JAJAH@Call

Tweet To Talk. Call Your Followes on Twitter

JAJAH@Call Says

JAJAH@Call allows you to make a free two minute call (the verbal equivalent of a tweet) to other JAJAH@Call users. It’s free, it’s easy and works no matter how you use Twitter, whether it’s on your cellphone, via Seesmic, TweetDeck, or any other way.

Web Says

JAJAH@Call – Now You Can Tweet To Talk




nanoTweeter- Simple Twitter Notifier For Android

nanoTweeter is a simple Twitter notifier for Android devices. It notifies you whenever there is new update in your Twitter account.

It’s complete alternative for mobile version of Twitter website, but comes with extra plus point of notification feature. It runs in background and notifies you about the new updates in your Twitter account via Android Notification System. It can be configure to get the notification about the updates from selected users of your choice.

nanoTweeter is completely free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Simple Twitter notifier for your Android smartphone and tablet
  • Runs in background and notifies you about new updates in your Twitter account
  • Uses Android notification system to notify you about new updates
  • Best alternative for mobile.twitter.com
  • Free to use

nanoTweeter Says

A very simple Twitter notifier.

nanoTweeter uses the standard Android notification system to tell you when you have new @replies or direct messages, and can optionally also notify you about all tweets from all your friends (or just a selection of them).

Web Says

nanoTweeter– Simple Twitter notifier for Android



TwentyFeet- Monitor Your Social Networks

If you are social media addict, then you must be aware that the market is full of apps promising you to manage your social media with the features at its best. I have tried many apps till date and was really disappointed until I came across TwenyFeet, an awesome social media monitoring tool.

You can monitor all of your social media accounts with TwentyFeet. They manage all of your online stats and send you mail, whenever there is need to do so. You just have to sit back as all work will be done by this awesome web based app, Twenty Feet.

As a free user, you can manage Facebook and Twitter only. But by paying a small fee, you can manage multiple accounts coming from multiple social platforms.

So never miss any important changes related to your online stats in future. Give Twenty Feet, a try now.


  • Monitor all of your social networks from one place
  • Save time that you waste daily by logging into different sites
  • Never miss any important change in your online stat
  • Get deeper insights in your email account
TwentyFeet Says
TwentyFeet lets you aggregate all your online stats in one place lay back. We nudge you by mail when your attention is needed.
Web Says
TwentyFeet– Monitor Your Social Networks



Maha- Twitter Client For iPhone With Gorgeous Interface

Maha is a twitter client for iPhone that focus on providing cool animations and gorgeous interface. It doesn’t only provide you great themes but also provide the facility of editing the themes and customizing them according to your needs.

Unlimited Twitter accounts’ support, better UI, Tweet, Retweet, send and receive messages, list creating, smooth scrolling, auto refresh, trending topic research are some of the best features to be listed here.

Translate tweet feature allows you to convert the tweet into the language that you can understand. You can upload photos/videos and can preview the images within the app. The ‘Read Later’ feature is also a part of long features list of Maha.

So what are you waiting for? Give Maha, a try now.


  • Add geotag to your tweets
  • Tweet the current song #nowplaying
  • Trending topics
  • Auto refresh
  • Read later (Instapaper + Read it later)
  • Custom background image
  • Simple To Use

Maha Says

Maha is a Twitter client, focusing on animations and interface.
Other apps give you themes to select, but never give you a full customization. Maha allows you to pick whatever color you want, tune your client with your taste!
With gorgeous animations, this app is also lightning fast , which can perform smooth animations even on iPhone 3G, give you another level of user experience.

Web Says

Maha– Twitter Client For iPhone With Gorgeous Interface

ManageFlitter- Work Faster And Smarter With Twitter

ManageFlitter is the best managing app for Twitter. It’s web based tool that allows you to manage your Twitter account in an effective manner.

This web app allows you to find out the behavior of your followers. You can search that which ones are not showing interest in your tweets, how many of your followers are inactive, how many are too much active. By categorizing the users, you can unfollow them, if you want. You can also track the users who are not following you back and can unfollow them in no time.

The ‘Search’ feature allows you to search the users which are relevant to your interest. There is no need to have relations with users having different interest from you. You can keep the track of your Twitter account’s growth via Twitter Analytics that you get with this tool. ‘PowerPost’ feature gives you an idea of the right time to post tweets so as to catch attraction of more and more followers.

Impressed from ManageFlitter? Give it a try now.


  • Search for user relevant to your interest
  • Follow those who don’t follow you back
  • Twitter analytics to keep track of account’s growth
  • PowerPost to post tweets at right time to attract more followers

ManageFlitter Says

ManageFlitter is the best tool to use Twitter in a smarter and faster way. Find out the users who don’t follow you back, who unfollowed you recently, who are not relevant to your interest. Use PowerPost to post tweets at the right time.

Web Says

ManageFlitter– Work Faster And Smarter With Twitter