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Tweedle- Twitter Client For Android

Tweedle is an awesome Twitter client for the Android devices. It offers nice, simple and clean user interface of Twitter on Android. Tweedle brings the customization at its best.

Tweedle is growing rapidly which is enough to speak about the quality and features of this app. You can choose any color scheme to be used with your Twitter account according to your imagination. Longer tweets can be posted using Twitlonger, integrated with this app. Find and Follow friends while on the go, Retweet with or without comment, Full Twitter Search capabilities,  Simple User Interface and lots of Customization Options are some of the features to be listed here, of this awesome Twitter client for Android, Tweedle.

It is going through updates from time to time and is offering more and more features. So what are you waiting for? Give Tweedle, a try now.


  • Browse friends
  • Full Twitter search capabilities
  • Background notifications
  • Exchange direct messages
  • Theme customization
  • Use Twitlonger for extended tweets

Upcoming Features

 Short term:

  •  Tweet filtering

 Long term:

  • Tablet support
  • Multiple account support
  • Configurable pages
  • Homescreen widget

Tweedle Says

Twitter client for Android. Free, ad-less, and simple.

Tweedle was built out of the need for a better, cleaner, and faster Twitter client for Android. It allows the user to select whatever color scheme they can imagine, why should we be the ones to choose?

Tweedle is young, it is still growing. Although we may not have all of the features the other clients have, we are doing our best to make that possible. We take all feature requests and feedback seriously and we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

Web Says

Tweedle– Twitter Client For Android- Fast. Clean. Free.



TweetComb Android App

If you have Honeycomb version based Android gadget, then TweetComb is the app that deserves to acquire some space on your device. This awesome Android app gives you tablet-friendly interaction with your Twitter account. You can read your Timeline, can check for messages and can send messages to others.  The background updates keep you notified about the new messages. You can change the settings in Notification area to modify the alerts to be sent to you on the availability of new tweets and messages. You can search for trending topics within this app and can use the Bit.ly service to shorten the links used in your tweets. You can even post tweets longer than 140 characters by creating a link to longer tweet. The search tab in this app allows you to search for specific tweets and hash tags.  You can follow and unfollow other people right from your Android tablet by using this app. Moreover, you can view the images from the app itself and can review the web pages before visiting them. Impressed? Well, you must be. This app is free to use. So what are you waiting for? You should give this app, a try now.


  • Interact with Twitter in tablet-friendly manner
  • Search for trending topics, tweets and hash tags
  • View the images without leaving the app
  • Preview the web pages before visiting them
  • Bit.ly service to shorten URLs
  • Post tweets longer than 140 characters



TweetComb Says

TweetComb is the best Twitter client for Android devices, specially designed to give tablet-friendly interaction with your Twitter account on Honeycomb version.

Web Says

TweetComb– Interact with Twitter in the tablet-friendly manner designed for Honeycomb.



Twicca android app

How do you manage your Twitter account, when away from your PC or Laptop? Using too many apps on your Android gadget to perform the tasks separately. Wait… it’s time to delete all those apps as Twicca has got all the features in it.

You should use Twicca to make full use of Twitter on your Android gadget. In Twicca, you can post tweets, can schedule them and can retweet other tweets. Check notifications, search for tweets, save recent searches, check for trending topics, mute unwanted tweets, embed photos and videos in your tweets, edit your Twitter profile, Geotagging and image preview are some features out of the long features of this awesome app for Android.

You can stay active in multiple Twitter accounts at single instance and can extend the feature list of this app by downloading and installing plugins. If you theme of the app is not suiting your personality, then you can change it, according to your taste.

Impressed?? Well, you must be. You should give Twicca a try now.


  • Mange Twitter account in the simplest way
  • Post tweets and check tweets by others
  • Send messages and reply to others
  • Check notifications
  • View images and change your profile picture
  • Use plugins to extend the features
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts

Twicca Says

Use Twitter the way you want. Check notifications, post tweets, mute tweets, manage multiple accounts and lots more on your Android with this no.1 Twitter client for same.

Web Says

Twicca– No.1 Twitter client for Android.



Ubersocial Android App

Ubersocial is a cool Android app for Twitter users and we can download it from Google Play. Well, there are many features in this app, which make it best in the huge list of Twitter related Android apps. Having this app installed on your Android is like, having complete Twitter in your pocket, while on the move.

The best feature of the app is that it allows you to create a list of favorite users. You can add the Twitter users in this list whom tweets you want to receive. If you are getting too many tweets on your timeline related to any particular topic, then Mute hashtag feature can make your timeline free from tweets related to that topic. You can access all the features from well designed menu and can customize it according to your needs as well.

You can even link your Facebook account with this app to post all tweets to your Facebook account automatically. The Live Preview feature of this app allows you to access all media data and links within the app itself. This app also solves the problem of 140 characters restriction in tweets. In short, Ubersocial is an ‘All In One’ Twitter app.

You should give Ubersocial, a try now.


  • Create a list of your favorite Twitter users to get their updates only
  • Mute any topic whose tweets are irritating you
  • Link your Facebook account to post tweets there automatically
  • Visit all the links within the app
  • Post tweets having more than 140 characters
  • Completely free to download and to use

UberSocial Says

UbserSocial is the best app that allows you to use Twitter with full features on your Android based smartphone or tablet.

Web Says

UberSocial– The World’s most popular full-featured Twitter app.




TweetCaster For Twitter

TweetCaster is an awesome Twitter app for Android gadgets. As we all know, there are thousands of Twitter clients in the Google Play, but this one is something different with huge number of unique features.  This app can surely enhance your Twitter experience on Android.

Talking about the features, the one that I like the most is ‘Search Party’ feature. This feature allows you to search for tweets based on number of filters. Normally finding any tweet is like an impossible task as there are thousands of millions of tweets getting tweeted everyday by Twitter users from all over the globe. You can set filters to shorten the results and to find any tweet quickly and easily.

‘Smart Lists’ feature allows you to create a list of your favorite users. You can use the ‘Photo Effects’ feature to add the filters and effects in the images. There is also a superb feature called ‘Zip it’ in this app, which allows you to zip the unwanted tweets from your Twitter timeline without unfollowing any particular user. Moreover, voice recognition facility allows you to create tweets by speaking in the microphone, rather than doing the hard work of typing.

You can even link your Facebook account for automatic updating of your tweets on your Facebook account. This app also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts at the single instance.

So what are you waiting for? This awesome app deserves to be there in your Android’s memory. You should give TweetCaster, a try now.


  • Search the tweets more smartly
  • Zip the unwanted tweets from your timeline
  • Create a list of favorite users
  • Add stunning effects in your photos
  • Link your Facebook account to automatic post your tweets there
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts

TweetCaster Says

TweetCaster allows you to search for tweets with ease. You can add effects in your photos, can zip the unwanted tweets, can create tweets by speaking in microphone, can link Facebook account and can manage multiple accounts.

Web Says