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Tweriod tells you the best time to post your tweets

Tweriod tells you the best time to post your tweets. All you need to do is login with twitter. Tweriod will pull in all your followers data (upto a maximum of 5000), analyze the tweet pattern of all of them and come up with a time that would be most suitable to tweet. It means, if you tweet during the time frame specified by Tweriod, you can expect maximum people to be reading your tweets.

I think this is a pretty useful as well as insightful application as it will give you a clearer idea on when is the best time to tweet. Marketers and social media enthusiasts who share a lot of links can make a pretty good use of this little twitter application.

If this works, I hope the app developer makes a similar application for facebook as well where facebook fan page owners would know about the best time to post to their facebook pages. I don’t know how an app like this can be monetized, but I would suggest ¬†the following.

1. If the number of followers is more than 5000, provide a premium feature which would analyze all the followers as well as facebook fans

2. Every once a week analyze account and notify if tweet periods change

3. Try doing it the other way round. Analyze my tweets that contain short links, see which links get clicked the most, note the timing and tell me about it

The above are completely my views, I don’t know how the app developer goes about it.


  • Analyze your twitter followers and find best time to tweet
  • Login with twitter, no special registration required

Tweriod Says

Tweriod will analyse your followers’ streams, work out when they are online the most and let you know the best time to post your tweets!


  • Tweriod – Find the best time to tweet


  • @tweriod –¬†Tweriod – Make the most of Twitter. Get to know when your followers are online the most.