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TwentyFeet- Monitor Your Social Networks

If you are social media addict, then you must be aware that the market is full of apps promising you to manage your social media with the features at its best. I have tried many apps till date and was really disappointed until I came across TwenyFeet, an awesome social media monitoring tool.

You can monitor all of your social media accounts with TwentyFeet. They manage all of your online stats and send you mail, whenever there is need to do so. You just have to sit back as all work will be done by this awesome web based app, Twenty Feet.

As a free user, you can manage Facebook and Twitter only. But by paying a small fee, you can manage multiple accounts coming from multiple social platforms.

So never miss any important changes related to your online stats in future. Give Twenty Feet, a try now.


  • Monitor all of your social networks from one place
  • Save time that you waste daily by logging into different sites
  • Never miss any important change in your online stat
  • Get deeper insights in your email account
TwentyFeet Says
TwentyFeet lets you aggregate all your online stats in one place lay back. We nudge you by mail when your attention is needed.
Web Says
TwentyFeet– Monitor Your Social Networks