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Twellow- Public Directory For Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great way to connect with other bloggers and it will become even better if we are able to list the people of same interest as us and can exchange our thoughts with them. Twellow is a Twitter web based tool that allows you to do so. Twellow is a directory for Twitter accounts bringing all the Twitter users of same interests, together at one place.

Twellow allows the Twitter users to add their profile in their directory and under the appropriate category. You can choose the suitable category according to your interest and can interact with other users lying in the same category. You can update your profile to be used in Twellow and can also link your other social networking profiles there. Twellow also ranks the profiles in different categories depending on the Twitter profile of user and some tactics like tweets, followers, mentions, retweets etc.

Using Twellow is quite simple and only free registration is required to get listed there. So give Twellow, a try now.


  • Update your Twellow profile and categories
  • Interact with other users having same interest as you
  • Link your social networking profiles in your profile at Twellow
  • Search for the people matching exact keywords
  • Completely free to use

Twellow Says

Twellow makes it simple for you to connect with other Twitter users. You can connect with users having same interest as you.

Web Says

Twellow– Public Directory for Twitter accounts.