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Tweetake- Backup Your Twitter Profile

Tweetake is a web-based app that allows you to take backup of your Twitter profile. You can take backup of your followers, the people whom you follow and tweets as well.

Using the app is simple. Sign in with your Twitter login details and you are ready to take backup of entire profile. You can also take backup of any particular selection like tweets, followers, list of people followed by you. Tweetake will take the backup for you.

The backup is saved in CSV format which you can open in any text-editor. This enables you to have easy access to your Twitter’s backup. It’s completely free to use.

You should give Tweetake, a try now.


  • Take backup of  your Twitter profile
  • Backup your followers, tweets, the people that you follow
  • Backup in easy to open, CSV format
  • Completely free to use

Tweetake Says

Tweetake allows you to take backup of your Twitter profile including followers, the people that you follow, tweets; in CSV format.

Web Says

Tweetake– Backup Your Twitter Profile