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Mapify.in – Live Tweets Around You

Twitter has become one of the best way to stay connected with the world. It helps you to make connections with people from different countries. But what about the people from your nearby places? Do you know what’s happening on Twitter with respect to the people living near to you?

Well, answer must be NO as Twitter does not provide any such service. But you don’t have to worry now, as there is an awesome tool for this task. Mapify.in is the tool, which I am talking about. Mapify is a simple service that allows to see what’s going on Twitter by people living near to you or from any particular location.

Using Mapify is very simple, you need to point your browser to Mapify.in and on the right side, you can see live tweets coming from the different users of Twitter. You can add any location of your choice and it will start tracking the latest tweets coming from the users living nearby to your selected location. You can also see the live tweets along with the Twitter profile picture of user on the same page. Hovering over the mouse to the image will show you tweet from that particular user.

Mapify.in works on the map basis and can also use GPS feature of your device (if available) to track your location. So by getting the tweets going around you, you can see what’s going famous in your locality and can also follow people to make strong relations with them.

This is completely free to use. You should give Mapify.in, a try now.


  • Get live tweets around you
  • Check what’s famous going in your locality
  • See the live tweets from any location of your choice
  • Completely free to use


Mapify.in Says

Use Mapify.in to get live tweets around you.

Web Says

Mapify.in– The simple and free tool to get live tweets around you or from any location of your choice.



Streamd.in – Tweets on Google maps in an awesome way

Streamd.in displays tweets on Maps. Based on location details it can show tweets originating near you. You will see profile pics of users who tweet. When you mouse over the profile pics, you’ll be able to view the latest tweet of the user originating from the area where it appears.

Streamd.in can be a fun way to view tweets and useful too since you get to view tweets in your area thus giving you a hang of what’s happening around you.


  • View tweets on Google Maps
  • Users displayed on a map
  • View tweets near you

Streamd.in Says

Streamd.in is a simple web based Twitter client paired with Google Maps. See what’s happening around you, let others know what you’re doing or broadcast your thoughts & location with live video.



Tweography – your tweets on a map

Tweography is for tweets that are geo tagged. If you have the geo tagging feature switched on and your tweets are location aware then you would be able to see your tweets on a map thanks to Tweography.

The site uses oAuth for authentication. Once you login, it collects all your geo tagged tweets and displays them to you on a map.


  • View all your geo tagged tweets on a map
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


Tweography Says

Tweography will pull your most recent geolocated Tweets and plot them on Google Maps.



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