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TweetByMail – send tweets by email

TweetByMail is a twitter client that you can use through email.

You can send and receive Twitter updates with email. It works with any email account including mobile phones around the world.

TweetByMail lets you keep up with all your Twitter friends without leaving your inbox!
Apart from using the regular twitter features through email, you can also track tweets. You get email alerts with tweets containing your keywords.


  • Send and receive Twitter updates with email
  • Works with any email account including mobile phones around the world
  • Keep up with Twitter friends without leaving your inbox
  • Plus tweet tracking features. Get email alerts with tweets containing your keywords
  • Don’t miss your @replies or mentions


Send and receive tweets using your email (including mobile phones anywhere in the world) and never miss another @reply with keyword tracking



  • @tweetbymail – Send and receive Twitter updates to your mobile (or any) email. I respond to any @tweetbymail msgs!

Tweetalarm – receive twitter search results via email

Tweetalarm works just like Google alerts. You can specify search terms and tweets matching the search term would be sent to you via email.

Tweetalarm can help you monitor your brand easily on Twitter. Set alerts for your brand and every time someone mentions it you would be notified!


  • Receive twitter search alerts via email
  • Get notified of tweets containing keywords of interest through email
  • Service similar to Google alerts, built for Twitter
  • Easily monitor your brand


Tweetalarm Says

Get alerted when someone tweets about your
company, your product or anything that interests you



JournalistTweets – see what journalists are saying on Twitter

JournalistTweets as the name suggests, gets you tweets from all the journalists on twitter.

The tweets are fully searchable and you can also contact these journalists directly without having to visit twitter. Being able to keep a tab on tweets from journalists means you would be able to stay updated on the latest news! This can help almost everyone, bloggers can find news related to their niche and be the first to post, any corporate announcements can help stock traders, the uses are endless!

You can opt to have tweets sent through email or subscribe to the RSS feed.


  • View tweets from journalists on twitter
  • Receive email alerts or subscribe through RSS


JournalistTweets Says

JournalistTweets.com – powered by Cision – is a relationship-building tool for PR professionals and journalists.

Using Cision’s global expertise in media intelligence, we’ve created JournalistTweets.com to sort journalists’ Twitter content into useful, manageable conversations – providing a real-time snapshot of what thousands of reporters, editors, bloggers and broadcasters are discussing in the areas of business, technology, lifestyle/entertainment and health.

Using profiles from Cision’s industry-leading, worldwide media database, JournalistTweets streams content from journalists in North America and the United Kingdom, with more countries coming soon.