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Twad.ly – Bloggers, let someone sponsor your tweets!

Twad.ly seems like a pretty smart way to monetize tweets. This is one of the smartest ways for bloggers to earn money by tweeting.

Since twitter introduced new terms preventing in stream advertising, Twad.ly has come up with this innovative approach to help bloggers earn from tweets. Once you signup for Twad.ly, advertisers can sponsor tweets and such tweets would just appear on the twitter widgets that you have put up on your blogs.

This seems to be a safe and good way to monetize tweets. Do give Twad.ly a try and tell me if you find the service to be useful.


  • In-Stream advertising for Bloggers
  • Smart way to monetize tweets
  • Displays sponsored tweets on twitter blog widgets

Twad.ly Says

Twad.ly is the first in-stream advertising platform for bloggers. Our platform provides bloggers with a sponsorable Twitter widget that is embedded on their site. This widget provides valuable content by displaying the bloggers tweets and provides income when a sponsored tweet is bought. Once the widget is embedded, advertisers can send a tweet to a specific widget or to a group of widgets in an interest group.


  • Twad.ly – In-Stream advertising for Bloggers


  • @twadly – In-Stream Advertising For Bloggers. Group with other blogs to attract advertisers.