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TwitterLine – twitter timeline on your FireFox toolbar

TwitterLine is a FireFox addon for twitter that displays your twitter timeline on the browser’s toolbar.

It’s a nice, continuous and unobtrusive display of tweets and we bet you would love it!

Once installed, your FireFox toolbar would display tweets from your timeline. You can easily Fav the tweet being displayed as well as Retweet and @Reply without having to leave the page that you are currently browsing.

There is an option to open the update panel, which again is a tiny little unobtrusive text area where you can update your twitter timeline. The update panel also allows you to insert the URL of the page that you are currently browsing thus making sharing web pages on twitter a lot easier.

The addon also allows you to add multiple accounts. If you do not wish to see the updates for some reason then there is a toggle button which would hide the updates.


  • FireFox addon for twitter which displays updates on browser toolbar
  • One of the most unobtrusive browser plugin for twitter ever
  • One click Fav, @Reply and Retweet options
  • Update panel helps you update your timeline without leaving the page you are currently browsing
  • Easily share URL of the current page
  • Add multiple accounts
  • Toggle button to hide or show updates in the browser toolbar


TwitterLine Says

Twitter Line is an extention for Firefox that displays your Twitter time line on the toolbar as like as a head line (or ticker).




TweetPkr – take a peek at your friends updates from anywhere

TweetPkr is a bookmarklet for quickly viewing your twitter updates. Just enter your twitter username and password and a bookmarklet would be made available to you. Drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and you are ready to glance at your twitter timeline right from your browser.

The bookmarklet is currently supported by firefox, safari, opera, chrome and IE7 browser.

There isn’t much you can do with this bookmarklet other than being able to quickly glance at your timeline. But the author intends to soon come out with some cool features.


  • Lightweight, no software download required
  • Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Easy to install, just drag to your bookmarks bar
  • Supports all major browsers
  • View your timeline quickly and easily


TwetPkr Says

Take a peek at your friends twitter updates from anywhere