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TBook- Your Message Simplified

TBook is an awesome app for iPhone which makes the task of content sharing on social networking sites, very simple. Facebook and Twitter are two major social networking sites and are great platforms to share your content like songs, videos, links etc. with others.

Signing in to Facebook and Twitter separately again and again to post your content is not an advisable task at all. This is not only irritating task but time consuming as well. But TBook allows you to share your messages on both these sites with single touch.

All you need to do is to sign into Twitter and Facebook for once and after that you can write your message and can post it on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, right from your iPhone, while on the go.

TBook is free to use. So give TBook, a try now.


  • Share content on Facebook and Twitter with ease
  • Sign into Facebook and Twitter for once and then share content on both with single click
  • Best app for Bloggers for their blog’s promotion tasks
  • Completely free to use

TBook Says

Update your status on both Twitter and Facebook with one easy app! Just sign into Facebook and Twitter for once and share your content with single touch.

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TBook– Your message simplified