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Ow.ly – shorten URL, share images and videos

Ow.ly is a URL shortener for twitter that doubles up as an image and video sharing site. Ow.ly is brought to you by HootSuite, one of the best twitter web apps out there.

Ow.ly uses twitter oAuth for authentication. There’s a developer API available so that twitter app developers can integrate it in their apps.


  • Shorten URL to share on Twitter
  • Share images, videos(coming soon) and files
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication



  • Ow.ly – Shorten urls, share files and track visits


  • @hootsuite – Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & WordPress profiles, schedule messages, and measure your success. For support @HootSuite_Help

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  • @atomicpoet – Pope of the Catholic Orthodox Church of Twitteronia. Social strategist for @invoke, the company behind @hootsuite.

RTweeter – The long and short of tweets

RTweeter is a twitter web and desktop client that lets you tweet more than 140 characters, shorten URLs, share your location and more!

The web interface of RTweeter provides you with options to tweet really long messages to your twitter followers. You can sign in to the site using twitter oAuth. The URL shortener comes with stats so that you know the popularity of links shared by you.

Using the TweetMaps feature, you can easily share your current location with your twitter friends.

The desktop client is an alpha version which you can try. It’s built on Adobe AIR and has options to schedule tweets for future posting. You also get to create your own groups like you do in TweetDeck, Mixero etc.

Update: RTweeter web interface now allows you to schedule upto 20 tweets!


  • Create tweets longer than 140 characters
  • Shorten URLs for easing posting on twitter
  • Easily share your location on a map with your twitter friends
  • Adobe AIR based desktop client allows you to create groups and schedule tweets


RTweeter Says

This site will provide you with tools that allow you to share longer tweets, shorten url’s and map :: And importantly you get user metrics.


  • RTweeter – Long tweets, Shorten URLs, Share Maps and a desktop app


  • @stuartmanning – Web solutions development in mainly in C#, it’s like music… only played on an amp that goes to 11

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Tweet3 – manage multiple twitter accounts

Tweet3 is a web based twitter interface with lots of functionalities.

To begin with, you can add and monitor multiple twitter accounts. You can have customized colours for each of the accounts added hence making differentiating between various accounts easy.

You can shorten URLs as well as track the number of clicks. There is integration with FaceBook, allowing you to update your FaceBook status too!


  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Customize each account with custom colours
  • Update FaceBook status
  • Shorten URL and track click-throughs
  • Analyze twitter accounts by way of charts


Tweet3 Says

Tweet3 is a web-based Twitter client that allows you to manage one or more accounts. We do not require an e-mail address to sign up, so don’t worry about spam! Your data is encrypted on the server for safety. These services are provided to you free of charge.


  • Tweet3 – Manage one or more twitter accounts


  • @craigdugas – A passionate tech junkie with a thirst for knowledge. Yoh@craigdugas.com