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Feedtrace.tv – find the hottest videos on Twitter

Feedtrace.tv helps you find the hottest videos currently being shared on twitter. This is a killer site to pass some time.

Feedtrace displays currently famous videos. You can also sign in using twitter and see the videos that are being shared most by those you are following.

If you get bored or have nothing to do then you should probably head over to this site. Apart from that, if you happen to be a blogger who shared interesting videos with your users then this can come in handy as well.


  • Find the hottest videos being shared on Twitter
  • Video sources include Youtube, vimeo, metacafe etc
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authenticating and displaying videos from among your friends

Feedtrace Says

Find the hottest videos on Twitter



  • @feedtrace – filtering and recomendation engine for twitter’s passed-links

TwideoContest – social video contest platform

TwideoContest has been developed and designed to connect services with their audience using social media and video. The site provides a unique platform for businesses to create customizable solution to host a video contest and spread awareness about their brand, hold a video contest etc.

The site has integrated twitter oAuth and you can use it to sign in to the site and upload videos. Twideo makes use of the YouTube API to save the videos that you submit. Viewers of your video can vote for the videos. Every tweet that links to the video is counted as a vote as well!

Contest holders can choose between a sub domain under Twideo or their own custom domain name. The site would charge businesses for holding contests.


  • Create video contest for your users
  • Users can take part in a video contest and submit videos
  • Most voted video wins
  • Tweets linking to the video counted as votes


TwideoContest Says

twideo contest is a customizable, social video application built for anyone wanting to host their own video contest. Perfect for brands, small companies or even celebrities. It doesn’t matter, our platform will help you connect to your audience.



  • @bestvideowins – First social video contest using the @twideocontest platform. Win in iMac, iPod Touch, or Nano Video. Ends December 31st, 2009!

Twicli – share photos and videos and tag your friends too!

Twicli lets you share photos and videos on Twitter.

To start sharing, you need to first authorize your Twitter account. You can tag your friends and followers in the photos and videos that you share. If you want to share multiple images, you can create a “set” and share them as well. Photos are automatically geo-tagged.


  • Share videos, images and audio on Twitter
  • Create sets of multiple images and share
  • Uses Twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Photos are automatically geo-tagged


Twicli Says

Twicli is the best way to share your content on Twitter.


  • Twicli – What do you want to share?


  • @twiclistaff – Twicli is the best way to share photos, video and audio files on Twitter
  • @twicliAPI – Information regarding the Twicli API

Mov.io – capture and share your movies on Twiter

Mov.io helps you share movies on Twitter.

You can view the latest videos being shared as well as the top videos. With twitter oAuth integrated into the site, you need not worry about sharing your password.

What are you waiting for? Start sharing videos and movies today!


  • Share movies on Twitter
  • Heavily integrated with Twitter


Mov.io Says

mov.io is your place to capture and share your life on video. Deeply integrated into Twitter and with multiple ways to upload your files.


  • Mov.io – Your place to capture and share your movies on Twitter


  • @movio – Mov.io will be a convenient way, to share and broadcast your videos on Twitter. Coming soon!

TweetMojo – record and share from your webcam

TweetMojo lets you share videos, photos, files etc. on twitter. You can even record directly from your web cam and share them using TweetMojo.

Apart from sharing files and videos, you can write really long text and share them on twitter. Your twitter friends can leave comments on the shared images and videos.

When you’re bored you can head over to the public timeline to view all the posted videos, images, files etc.


  • Share files, videos, images
  • Record and share videos directly from your web cam
  • Allow twitter users to comment on shared files and videos


TweetMojo Says

Tweetmojo allows you to share your videos, photos, and documents on Twitter easily. You can also add more mojo by recording from your webcam and adding more text to your tweets!



ScreenTweet – share videos, pictures and images on twitter

ScreenTweet is yet another great file sharing application that lets you share images and videos on twitter like the rest of the applications profiled in this category.

There are several ways to share videos and images. You can upload them from your desktop, email the pics which would come in handy when you want to share pictures and videos from a mobile device. Alternatively, you can even share videos from YouTube, Hulu and other such similar video sharing sites.

When you get bored you can browse through the sites Public feed to find some interesting pics and videos.


  • Share videos, pictures and images on twitter
  • View the public feed to find interesting videos and pics


ScreenTweet Says

ScreenTweet shares videos, pictures, screen shots, and images on Twitter



  • @screentweet – At ScreenTweet.com, you can easily share your pictures, screenshots, mobile pics, YouTube / Hulu videos and sounds on Twitter!

Greetter – share photos and videos on twitter

Greeter is yet another photo and video sharing site on the lines of TwitPic, TwitGoo, YFrog etc.

With Greeter you can tag your twitter friends to the uploaded photos just like you tag your friends on FaceBook. You can also embed the photos you upload on your blog or websites.

Greetter allows you to upload images via your mobile by way of emails. Just email the photos to the unique email id that would be provided to you once you login to Greetter.

If you want to share all types of documents you should have a look at FileSocial.


  • Share photos and videos on twitter
  • Tag your twitter friends to photos
  • Embed code available to share the uploaded pics on your blog or website


Greetter Says

Greetter helps you to share Photos,Videos and Texts to Twitter.
You can tag people in these photos and link to their twitter page.
You can view and comment on other photos and Videos.
You don’t have to create a new account with Greetter.
You can login with your existing Twitter account.


  • Greetter – Share photos and videos on twitter


VidTweet – play videos on your twitter page

VidTweet is an innovative way to share videos with your twitter followers.

Just enter the URL of the video you want to share along with your twitter username and a new link would be created for you to tweet. The newly created link displays the shared video along with your twitter profile in the background giving an impression to your users of viewing the video right on your twitter page!

The founder of this application had previously developed BubbleTweet which helps you add a pop up video message on your twitter page.


  • Share videos on twitter
  • Shared videos displayed on top of your twitter profile page
  • No registration needed, only your twitter username



VidTweeter Says

Play All Types Of Videos On Your Twitter Page


  • VidTweeter – Play videos on top of your twitter page


  • @bubbleguru – Developer and founder of several self-publishing video services.