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Pictuit – your photos on Twitter

Pictuit lets you share photos easily on Twitter. There are a lot of photo sharing sites but the reason I’m reviewing Pictuit here (apart from the fact that it’s a good and useful app) is that it has been developed by Argentinians and I rarely come across such devs.

Pictuit uses twitter oAuth for authentication. You just need to upload photos, write your comments and update the tweets.


  • Simple image sharing site for twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication

Pictuit Says

Share your photos on Pictuit


  • Pictuit – Your photos on Twitter


  • @Collide – Me gusta más programar que diseñar. PHP, base de datos mySQL, aprendiendo cada día un poco mas.
  • @gruvix – Blog de contenidos freeware, social media, aplicaciones y móviles
  • @extremisimo – El Blog de todas las tendencias

PingWire – view the latest images posted on Twitter in real-time

PingWire displays images posted on various twitter image sharing sites such as twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo, tweetphoto, mobypicture, img.ly etc.

You get a real-time display with new images scrolling onto the screen. This can be a fun way to view images. Photos with the most retweets are displayed at the bottom of the screen.


  • View the latest images posted on Twitter in real-time
  • Displays images from twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo etc


PingWire Says

PingWire was created by one night when Allan Grinshtein couldn’t sleep. Since then, it’s been written about in countless blogs and newspapers, and featured in web video and on television. You may have seen it covered on BoingBoing, CNet, or BBC News. It’s clear that PingWire is perhaps the most amazing website ever created.


  • PingWire – Latest pictures posted on Twitter in real-time


  • @allan – My fathers sleep on the sunrise plains, and each one sleeps alone.

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  • @rich_oglesby – Pseudo-nerd – ex social media listener / internet researcher

Twicli – share photos and videos and tag your friends too!

Twicli lets you share photos and videos on Twitter.

To start sharing, you need to first authorize your Twitter account. You can tag your friends and followers in the photos and videos that you share. If you want to share multiple images, you can create a “set” and share them as well. Photos are automatically geo-tagged.


  • Share videos, images and audio on Twitter
  • Create sets of multiple images and share
  • Uses Twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Photos are automatically geo-tagged


Twicli Says

Twicli is the best way to share your content on Twitter.


  • Twicli – What do you want to share?


  • @twiclistaff – Twicli is the best way to share photos, video and audio files on Twitter
  • @twicliAPI – Information regarding the Twicli API

Img.ly – share photos on twitter

Img.ly is yet another one of those photo sharing sites built for twitter. So many apps doing the same thing makes me realize how lucky twitter users are with so many options! You do not like one service, try a similar one developed by someone else!

A simple photo sharing service with twitter oAuth, Img.ly is a good alternative to the existing image sharing sites built for twitter. The site provides with different options to viewing images.

The site lets you embed any of the images on your blog or site. You can subscribe to any users photo stream as well. Stats are displayed to help you know how popular a shared image has been with the community.

Have you used the tagging feature of FaceBook where you can tag your friends in a pic? Well, img.ly does something similar too. You can tag any twitter user and they would be notified of the same by  @imglyNotifier. Like twitter search, img.ly even displays trending tags for images.


  • Image sharing site for twitter
  • Tag twitter friends and they would be notified
  • Uses twitter oAuth for login
  • Displays trending tags
  • Embed any image in your blog or site
  • Subscribe to any users photo stream
  • View stats
  • API available for developers


Img.ly Says

Since it’s beginning in 2006 Twitter has evolved to a powerful social media platform and community. It will change the way we publish and share visual information.
While there already are popular photo services (such as twitpic.com), none of them really evolved. None of them leveraged the dynamics and information flow of Twitter.

With img.ly we want to change that. Given our knowledge with photo platforms, we want to offer you a more sophisticated approach to publish photos and images and constantly enhance the service to the needs of the community.


  • Img.ly – Photo sharing service for twitter


  • @imgly – supersecretweapon

Kwout – An awesome way to get those screen shots!

Every once a while you come across a site that just makes you feel glad you are on the Internet. Kwout is one of them!

You can take screen shots of any web page with Kwout. What’s so great about that eh? Well, for once, the screen shots would have the links click-able in them! Now, Isn’t that awesome?

Kwout uses something called as an image map that keeps the hyperlinks in the screen shots click-able. There’s a bookmarklet for your browser. Anytime you need to take a screen shot just click the bookmarklet.

The only hindrance we came across was the screen shot size limit of 600 x 600. But that seems manageable, not a big issue.

Once you take a screen shot, you can share it not only on twitter but a host of other sites as well. There are a few decorative options as well that let you select the border, size and other such options.

Kwout offers a host of tools including a FireFox add-on, GreaseMonkey Script as well as an API.

Now stop taking those screen shots in the same old way! Give something new to your readers, go take a Kwout!


  • Take screen shots with hyperlinks in them click-able
  • Browser Bookmarklet available for quick access
  • FireFox Add-on and GreaseMonkey script
  • API available

Kwout Says

“kwout” is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.

To use this service, all you need is to add our bookmarklet to your favorite browser.


  • Kwout – A brilliant way to quote

ScreenTweet – share videos, pictures and images on twitter

ScreenTweet is yet another great file sharing application that lets you share images and videos on twitter like the rest of the applications profiled in this category.

There are several ways to share videos and images. You can upload them from your desktop, email the pics which would come in handy when you want to share pictures and videos from a mobile device. Alternatively, you can even share videos from YouTube, Hulu and other such similar video sharing sites.

When you get bored you can browse through the sites Public feed to find some interesting pics and videos.


  • Share videos, pictures and images on twitter
  • View the public feed to find interesting videos and pics


ScreenTweet Says

ScreenTweet shares videos, pictures, screen shots, and images on Twitter



  • @screentweet – At ScreenTweet.com, you can easily share your pictures, screenshots, mobile pics, YouTube / Hulu videos and sounds on Twitter!

Greetter – share photos and videos on twitter

Greeter is yet another photo and video sharing site on the lines of TwitPic, TwitGoo, YFrog etc.

With Greeter you can tag your twitter friends to the uploaded photos just like you tag your friends on FaceBook. You can also embed the photos you upload on your blog or websites.

Greetter allows you to upload images via your mobile by way of emails. Just email the photos to the unique email id that would be provided to you once you login to Greetter.

If you want to share all types of documents you should have a look at FileSocial.


  • Share photos and videos on twitter
  • Tag your twitter friends to photos
  • Embed code available to share the uploaded pics on your blog or website


Greetter Says

Greetter helps you to share Photos,Videos and Texts to Twitter.
You can tag people in these photos and link to their twitter page.
You can view and comment on other photos and Videos.
You don’t have to create a new account with Greetter.
You can login with your existing Twitter account.


  • Greetter – Share photos and videos on twitter


TweetPhoto – share photos on twitter and Facebook

TweetPhoto is a new photo sharing site launched to take on the likes of TwitPic, TwitGoo and YFrog.

With tweetphoto, you can not only share images on twitter but the images can be published to your FaceBook account as well! You need to login with your twitter credentials (no oAuth yet!).

You can upload photos to the site directly through the web interface as well as through email. TweetPhoto offers an API so if twitter application developers integrate it with their apps then you would soon be able to make use of TweetPhoto on your favourite twitter apps as well.

You can tag images as well as  search for images shared by other users on TweetPhoto. Images taken on a GPS enabled phone would be geo-tagged automatically thus displaying the location  where the photo was clicked on a map.


  • Share photos on twitter as well as FaceBook
  • Login with your twitter credentials
  • Upload through the web interface, via email or through your mobile phone
  • API available for integrating into any 3rd party application
  • Automatically geo-tags images clicked on a GPS enabled device


TweetPhoto Says

TweetPhoto is a free photo sharing service for Twitter. The service focuses on creating the best possible user-experience among the applications developed around the Twitter Application Programming Interface (API).

TweetPhoto is the evolution and convergence of mobile and web-based social photo sharing. It combines a convenient and easy-to-use photo sharing experience with helpful tools that are feature rich and user friendly. TweetPhoto offers features such as photo and meta data filters, geo tagging, photo favourites, friends photos, customizable widgets and expansive API to enable a seamless integration into Twitter and Facebook Connect.


  • TweetPhoto – Simply a better way to photo share


  • @tweetphoto – TweetPhoto is a photo sharing platform for the real-time web. Get updates from the entire team.
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TwitnGo – quick photo posts to twitter

TwitnGo is an image sharing service on the lines of TwitPic, YFrog, TwitGoo etc. built for twitter users.

You can login with your twitter credentials and start uploading and sharing images right away. Once logged in, you can also view the public timeline consisting of all users who have shared pics via TwitnGo.


  • Upload and share images on twitter
  • View all updates that contain images shared using TwitnGo
  • You would need to login with your twitter credentials


TwitnGo Says

TwitnGo.com enables you to easily post Status Updates with Photo links to your Twitter account.


  • TwitnGo – Quick photo posts to twitter


  • @vivekpuri – Founder – TwitnGo.com – Photo service for Twitter
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