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Crosspollinate – monitor and engage in real-time conversations

Crosspollinate lets you search Twitter, Identica, Friendfeed etc for keywords and local trends. New results are pushed automatically.

You can embed a widget that displays search results on your website or blog. The site uses Facebook connect for authentication.


  • Search Twitter, Identica, Friendfeed etc
  • Results pushed in real-time

Crosspollinate Says

Crosspollinate is a simple service for monitoring and engaging in real time conversations around your brand and interests



AnotherTweetOnTheWall – search twitter in a fun way

AnotherTweetOnTheWall displays hashtags and search results in a fun and exciting way. This is a simple app and I really liked the way it displayed tweets one at a time in a cool way.

There’s no login or anything required, just enter the search keyword or hashtag and hit the enter key to see the magic.


  • Twitter search
  • Displays results in a fun way


AnotherTweetOnTheWall is a free Twitter Wall allowing you to display tweets filtered on your keywords in a funny way.



Twazzup – real-time search with neatly structured results

Twazzup is a real-time twitter search engine but it has a very unique way of displaying results.

Results are grouped into various categories making the result page appear like some sort of a blog or news page. It displays categories such as ‘Highlight’, ‘News’, ‘Popular Links’, ‘Tweets’ , ‘Influencers’ etc. So, in a way you can get complete information about the keyword you are searching for.


  • Real-time twitter search engine
  • Displays search results as a magazine / news site
  • Results categorized into ‘Highlight’, ‘News’, ‘Popular Links’ etc.

Twazzup Says

Search twitter. Get real insights.


  • Twazzup – Search Twitter. Get real insights.


  • @twazzup – Cutting through the realtime noise
  • @mocy – Technologist / Entrepreneur / Twazzup and Yokway Founder
  • @sphilipakis – part French, part G[r]eek and Twazzup co-founder.
  • @tifroz – 5 days working twazzup, 2 days working the waves at waddell creek, repeat!

Nsyght – real-time social search engine

Nsyght is a real-time search engine which you can use to search social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Flickr etc.

Some of the features that Nsyght offers:

Powerful search

– Search your social graph across all the services you use in real time
– Search by a single user, or even your own posts
– Filter and search your personal firehose to see just videos, photos, discussions, music, or even news posted by your friends

Ease of use

– Register and login with your twitter account
– Uses oAuth for authentication
– Login support for OpenID, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Clickpass


– Keep track of discussions among your friends and see the replies in threaded form.
– Search for discussions by keyword or topic of interest among people outside of your graph.
– Regardless if a reply is posted on nsyght or twitter, nsyght will thread the replies inline.


– Be notified via email when someone replies to you
– Be notified when someone replies to a discussion you are directly involved with, or have subscribed to.


– Nsyght now shows what’s trending – with data taken from both twitter and facebook. So a user can see the most popular videos or news items in real time.
– There is support for filtering by discussion. This is really interesting because a user can either view their own discussions, or discussions based on a query
– Nsyght has improved discussion threading, now if a user posts a similar/duplicate item to Facebook and Twitter, it can merge the ensuing discussions together. This means, blog owners can keep track of the discussions in one place. WordPress plugin coming soon.
– When nsyght receives a url in a post, it fetches information from the source site to add to the context. So, instead of just going off of what the user posts, you can now see a preview of what is on the site. Never get rickrolled again.
– Nsyght can now sort your realtime feed by audio and news, as well as discussion.
– Nsyght now has over 1M searchable videos and 2M searchable photos. Also more than 20M news items.


  • Web app for twitter
  • Support for multiple networks: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Vimeo, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Last.fm, and Delicious
  • Search your twitter friends in real time
  • Update/Post, search, and filter your own personal firehose
  • Easily RT/share things you find with your graph from twitter or even from other social services we support
  • View discussions in threaded form
  • Updates appear and are posted in real time
  • View videos and thumbnails inline


Nsyght Says

Nsyght is a fully featured twitter web client that allows you to aggregate, share, and search your twittersocial graph in real time. Nsyght also supports threaded discussions, email alerts, inline video and photo display, and support for other services like Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Vimeo, Delicous, and Last.fm



  • @djhomeless – Ex-Texan in London. Founder of the real time social service, nsyght.com. Lucky Dad and Husband.

CrowdEye – Slice, Dice and Gobble those search results

CrowdEye uses the twitter search API to display twitter search results. The main page displays trending topics so that you know whats being discussed on twitter.

Whats interesting about CrowdEye is the way it displays the search results. Enter your search term and you would have a search result page sorted according to the time span of the tweets. A tiny graph displays the activity involving tweets matching your search keywords.

You get to see all the popular links and tweets along with a tag cloud. Top Hash Tags and words related to your search are also displayed. If you find the results too generic, you can always make use of the filter option to drill further down.


  • Twitter search application
  • Displays the hash tags and words related to your keywords
  • Displays popular links, tweets and a tag cloud
Twitter Search

Twitter Search

CrowdEye Says

CrowdEye is a new generation of search engine which looks at the worldwide web in a new way. By tracking discussions on Twitter, we can help our users find out what’s important to them right now in real time.

CrowdEye has created innovative technology to scan through tweets, retweets, twitter links and more. We then provide you with powerful yet easy ways to slice, dice, summarize and categorize the data to answer your questions. Whether you’re interested in following your brand, baseball, celebrities, movies, or anything else people are talking about – CrowdEye can help you know what people are thinking.


  • CrowdEye – What all the Twitter is about?


TweedleDM – Search your direct messages

TweedleDM is for those receiving and sending out a lot of Direct Messages or DM as we call them.

The site has twitter oAuth support so you need to authorize the site to use your account. Once authorized, the site caches all your DMs and you are then ready to search them.

You can sort the DMs into Sent and Received. Enter any search term and the results would be displayed to you. You can even search based on usernames. The site may take time to search your direct messages the first time you login since it would be downloading your DMs, so please have patience the first time you try the site.


  • Search Direct Messages (DM)
  • Sort into Sent and Received
  • Search by keyword as well as username
  • Supports oAuth hence no need to enter your password
TwiddleDM - Search Twitter Direct Messages

TwiddleDM - Search Twitter Direct Messages

TweedleDM Says

TweedleDM is a Twitter aggregator that allows a Tweep to FINALLY search their direct messages! As an application, TweedleDM pulls direct messages straight from Twitter and allows the user to search by keyword, username, whatever tickles your fancy.


  • TweedleDM – Search your twitter direct messages


  • @TweedleDM – Search your Direct Messages (DM’s) with TweedleDM

TweetTabs – Real-time twitter search with multiple tabs

TweetTabs is an application brought to you by TweetMeMe. This twitter search application presents search results in a tabbed view and it does this beautifully.

Enter a search term and tweettabs would automatically open a new tab with the search results in it. You can move tabs and position them any way you want. Trending topics are displayed at the top and clicking on any of them would open a new tab with the results for the same. Results are updated automatically in real-time thus relieving you from the hassles of hitting the refresh button.

I couldn’t find a “Pause” button though, which can make searching high activity keywords a bit of a pain.

Hover on any of the tabs and the messages would pause so that you can read the tweets, sounds amazing and so convenient!

TweetGrid and TwitterPowerSearch are two of the sites that are already doing something of this sort. If you are one of those who loves tabbed websites, you can also give TwitHive a try.


  • Tabbed twitter search
  • Automatically opens a new tab for search results
  • Real-time search results updated automatically
  • Position the tabs any way you want
TweetTabs - Real-time twitter trends and twitter search

TweetTabs - Real-time twitter trends and twitter search

TweetTabs Says

TweetTabs is a way of viewing the latest tweets of upcoming twitter trends or searches.

Use the search box to easily search twitter for tweets, TweetTabs will automatically update each tab with new content when it comes in.


  • TweetTabs – Real-time twitter trends and twitter search


Twiogle – Twitter and Google search combined

Twiogle combines Twitter and Google search. We had profiled TwoQuick sometime back which does the same thing.

What I liked about Twiogle is the Ajax interface which gets the search results without refreshing the page thus making it less annoying.

Whenever you have a problem at hand, you search Google. That’s fine. But how about having recommendations from twitter users as well! There are a lot of times when a simple Google search would not give you the right results. Twitter search can be of help here.

You can tweet the search results on twitter as well as link it from your blog. Speaking of blogs, Twiogle offers a WordPress plugin with which you can embed it in your blogs. The best part is you can insert your own Adsense publisher id thus earning you all the ad revenues from the search result!

Twiogle can also be added to your Firefox searchbar so that you can search right from your browser.


  • Search Google and Twitter
  • AJAX powered interface
  • WordPress plugin to embed Twiogle in your blog
  • Add to your Firefox searchbar


Twiogle Says

Search Twitter and Google at the same time



  • @twiogle – Learn how searching twitter and google will save you time!

Twuet – twitter search engine embeddable on your blogs

Twuet is a simple search engine built on top of twitter search. The site displays the popular twitter trends too.

Search results display the related tweets as well as videos (if any) related to your search query. A first for any twitter search engine would be the provision to embed the search bar in your own blog or site.


  • Twitter search engine
  • Embed the search bar in your site or blog



  • Twuet – Twitter search engine

Submitted By

  • @lookielookies – On a quest to find Twitter-gold. Travel with me: follow me and get your free Twitter info-pack

TwitPipe – the twitter information pipeline

With TwitPipe you can keep an eye on keywords you are interested in without having to refresh the page. But, that’s not the only reason we are profiling the application here.

TwitPipe helps you find tweets matching your keywords and also offers you the option to receive only those results that are tweeted from a place close to you.

You can specify the distance and place and only tweets tweeted from that location would be made available in your TwitPipe. The site displays 3 grid like boxes allowing you to enter 3 different search terms.


  • Auto refresh search results
  • Search tweets within a specified location
  • 3 different search criteria can be viewed simultaneously



  • TwitPipe – The twitter information pipeline


  • @twitpipe – A live Twitter Monitor. Search your name or blog. Perfect for Market Research!