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Flocking.me – Search for tweets from just your friends

Flocking.me is for those looking for a twitter app to search tweets belonging only to their friends on Twitter.

With the regular twitter search there’s always this possibility of spammy tweets appearing in the timeline (and they do appear a lot of times I must say). I guess Flocking.me will help solve this problem.

Tweets from your twitter friends are searchable on a map too. You can view popular topics among your friends as well. New tweets are automatically loaded so that you do not have to keep hitting the refresh button to view new tweets from your friends.


  • Remove the noise, search only the tweets you want
  • Your friends tweets, searchable, on a map
  • See popular topics among your friends
  • You don’t need to reload the page to see new tweets arrive


Flocking.me Says

Search for tweets from just your friends


  • Flocking.me – Search for tweets from just your friends


  • @flockingme – Search for tweets from just your friends. See group trends. Works with Lists too!
  • @tjake – dad, dreamer, coder

Twetto – Bulk DM, Scheduled tweets and auto follow

Twetto helps you better manage your twitter account. You can send bulk DM (direct messages), schedule your tweet for a future date as well as set up keyword auto follow.

There are caps on the number of bulk direct messages you can send with the free account but nonetheless it helps to have a free version for an app like this. You can try it out to your hearts content and if you want more, upgrade the account!

The site makes use of Twitter oAuth so need not worry about your twitter password being compromised. You need to register as a new user on the site though (I would have definitely loved the “sign in with twitter” feature for the registration page as well)

Some may say this is a spammy tool. But it all depends on how you use it. You might genuinely need features such as bulk direct messages if for instance, the people you follow are your friends and you want to invite them over for a party. You cannot possibly go around sending individual direct messages can you!?


  • Send bulk direct messages for free
  • Schedule tweets for future date
  • Auto follow new twitter users based on search keywords
  • Makes use of Twitter oAuth


Twetto Says

Twetto is an all in one toolkit for those who want to save time and increase their Twitter productivity. We do this by providing simple automation tools which take out the drudgery of maintaining your Twitter accounts. We simply do the hard work for you. Send out messages, schedule tweets and find and follow interesting users automatically with a click of a button.


  • Twetto – Tools to increase your Twitter potential