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LocaFollow – find twitter users based on their bio and location

LocaFollow helps you search twitter users based on their bio and location.

You can opt to bulk follow all twitter users that you come across in the search results. The site has support for oAuth so that you do not have to enter your password. The result page displays user details such as the number of followers a user has, bio and the users last tweet.

The site makes use of Google custom search to display search results.


  • Twitter search engine to help you find users based on bio and location
  • Twitter oAuth enabled
  • Search for twitter users near you
  • Bulk follow twitter users


LocaFollow Says

LocaFollow lets you locate Twitter users by searching in their Bio and Location fields.

It is powered by the Google Search Engine, so you don’t need to add yourself to the site, Google will find you, and LocaFollow going to consult your profile details using the Twitter API.


  • LocaFollow – Locate and search twitter users searching in their Bio and Location fields


  • @locafollow – Search in the Bio and Location of Twitter users

Utwitbook – find the best twitter users, search by design color!

Utwitbook helps you search for the top twitter users on a variety of criteria such as Bio, Location etc.

Apart from the usual criteria, what really sets Utwitbook apart is the option to search users based on design color! I do not know how useful it would be but come on, we have to give it to the site, that’s  something different!

There’s an option to search for those accounts that have the verified seal from twitter. This can help you search for verified celebrity twitter accounts easily.

You can find all the top twitter users according to follower count, follower growth etc.

Update: Utwitbook now lets you search twitter users based on follower range. So you can easily search for twitter users with say a follower range between 3000 to 4000 or 30 to 60 and so on. You can also search among users who are friends of a particular twitter user.


  • Find the top twitter users
  • Search users on criteria such as Bio, Location, design color, URL Host etc
  • Search top users according to follow count, follow growth
  • Search for the top verified twitter account


Utwitbook Says

A place to help you find people on Twitter



  • @utwitbook – The official site of Utwitbook – a twitter-er search service

TweepFind – find and follow twitter users based on bio

TweepFind helps you find twitter users based on the information contained in their twitter bio.

The results displayed are according to a users popularity on twitter which is calculated using parameters such as number of followers, tweets, replies, RT etc. (source)

I did a quick search for the term designer and got @mayhemstudios, @imjustcreative and @kriscolvin as the first few results. Well, that was what I was actually expecting!

The site provides an option to follow all the users appearing in the search results. Give this site a try if you want to follow users belonging to a particular category.

Other similar applications that let you search twitter users bio and profile are TweepSearch and TwitSeeker.


  • Search twitter users bio
  • Find interesting twitter users to follow
  • Follow users in your niche



  • TweepFind – Tweeps search by rank and skills


TwitSeeker – search twitter users based on tweets, bio and location

TwitSeeker helps you find twitter users by searching for search terms in tweets as well as a twitter users profile which includes a search over Bio and location.

This application can be useful for those looking to follow people having similar interests. Once the search results are displayed, you can bulk follow the twitter users matching your search terms.

The results page displays detailed information about the twitter users listed as well as tells you if the users follow you or not.


  • Search twitter users for keywords of interest in their tweets as well as profile (Bio + location)
  • View details about the resulting users
  • Bulk follow twitter users displayed in the search results


TwitSeeker Says

TwitSeeker is basically an alternate search engine for finding twitter.com users – “twits” – and browsing the results all in one combined control panel. It works by using the twitter.com API, and finds twits not by what’s posted in their bios but rather based on what they’ve been tweeting about lately. It uses a custom tag cloud generator written by the author, and was created as an experimental tool to help users quickly build up a twitter community around specific topics.


  • TwitSeeker – Who you’re looking for, by what they are talking about


  • @twitseeker – A search engine for finding and browsing twitter users based on their most recent tweets, by Guy Hagen (http://innovationinsight.com).
  • @GuyHagen – Public relations, market and technology researcher, social network analyst, social media analyst. Author of Twinfluence.com, Twitseeker.com,  Passwordcat.


TweepSearch allows you to search through your twitter followers BIO / profiles.

This can come in handy once you have a lot of followers and want help on a particular topic. Simply do a TweepSearch and find out the followers suited for your query based on their bio.

Example: If you have a query on Linux and remember having a follower who is a Linux guru then perform a TweepSearch for the keyword Linux to find the right person for clearing the doubt.


  • Search over your followers BIO and Location information
  • You can also search over all the profiles indexed at TweepSearch


TweepSearch Says

TweepSearch was created to allow people on Twitter to search their followers bio and location information. Twitter doesn’t currently have a bio search and as your Twitter network grows, it’s nice to be able to look through your tweeps.



  • @TweepSearchSearch your Twitter followers by their bio! Another Twitter app by @dacort.
  • @dacortProf. Computer Security Consultant with a passion for breaking things and generating statistics (see http://tweetstats.com and http://ratemytalk.com)