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Tweet Scheduler Twitter App

Getting more and more number of followers has always been on the top in the wishlist of any Twitter user. All your Twitter marketing tactics will work, only if you are having a huge list of followers for your Twitter account. But the question arises that ‘How one can get more followers on Twitter’?

Well, the answer is simple,’ By tweeting at the right time’. Now, tweeting at the right time can be task of pain. But TweetScheduler is the Android app that can help you in making this task easier. TweetScheduler is an awesome Twitter tool for Android and you can get it from Google Play.

This app allows you to schedule your tweets for later posting. You can search for tweets, can get the info about trending topics and can get the tips and pack of some popular services that can help you in getting more followers. The simple user interface makes this app easy to use. No registration is required to use the service. Just install the app on your Android, authorize your Twitter account and you are ready to use it.

Trying this app does not cost you anything. So you should give TweetScheduler, a try now.


  • Schedule your tweets for later posting
  • Reply to others tweets
  • Search for any particular tweet with ease
  • Get the info about trending topics
  • Automatic re-scheduling of tweets if any tweet fails to be posted

TweetScheduler Says

TweetScheduler is the best app to schedule all your tweets to get more followers.

Web Says

  • TweetScheduler- Schedule your tweets in the easiest way.


Tweetcaddy – The Most Advanced Tweet Scheduler

Twitter is a micro blogging website. Ouch, Boring definition. Isn’t it? In fact Twitter’s definition depends on your marketing success with it. For those people, who have not tasted the success ever with Twitter, it’s only a wastage of time and by the way, time is Money. But for those people, who have been successful with their marketing campaigns on Twitter, it’s the best way of online marketing for them.

It doesn’t matter that under which category you fall, Tweetcaddy is there to help you in your marketing campaigns. Tweetcaddy is a simple tool to schedule your tweets and promote your site and product to new customers.

Not enough?? Well, tweetcaddy also offers you the feature of following back your new followers. Many people on Twitter follow you with the hope to get followed back by you. You can leave this work on this tool to do the task for you.

Using the tool is simple and it takes only 2 minutes for setup. Free trial is also available to use. You should give Tweetcaddy, a try now.


  • Most advanced tool to schedule your tweets
  • Auto tweet your blog links
  • Auto follow back your new followers
  • Easy to setup and to start
  • Free plan is also available

Tweetcaddy Says

Tweet Caddy takes out the frustration out of your twitter campaigns. Handling everything from posting tweets, promoting your website, to auto follow-backs, you’ll be surprised how easy it is! Only takes 2 minutes to setup.

Web Says

  • Tweetcaddy Schedule your tweets now, with the most advanced tweet scheduler.


GrabInbox – easily manage, post and schedule to multiple twitter and facebook accounts

GrabInbox is a new and easy way to manage multiple twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts. Traditionally every new app that comes out to manage multiple twitter accounts relies on users having to create and monitor several tabs. But grabinbox takes a new approach in the form of ‘notifications’.

With grabinbox, you do not really need to painstakingly monitor each and every account. All you do is add your twitter, facebook or linkedin accounts (posting to multiple Google plus accounts will come as soon as google releases the API). Once you’ve added the account, grabinbox will continuously monitor all your accounts and display notifications when you have new mentions, direct messages or any new posts by your friends.

The notifications are completely configurable. Keeping a tab on multiple twitter lists is super easy since you can just add the list and set notifications so that you don’t miss on any new content.

Apart from being able to efficiently manage all the several accounts you have, posting to these accounts is equally simple. The update box allows you to even schedule messages for a future date. If you do not like to manually schedule messages,  you can hit the ‘JustLater’ button. JustLater automatically schedules updates such that your tweets go out at the right time and get maximum exposure. The site uses a set of sophisticated algorithms that determines when is the best time to tweet to twitter as well as post to facebook.

To make it easy to share web pages across your social networks, GrabInbox has a nifty bookmarklet that let’s you share any web page using any browser. For Google Chrome, there is a super fast plugin that makes it a breeze to share web pages across all your networks.

Give GrabInbox a try today as it is completely FREE to get started!


  • Manage multiple twitter, facebook, fb fan pages and linkedin accounts
  • Easily post to multiple twitter, fb, fan pages and linkedin accounts
  • Schedule tweets and posts for a future date
  • JustLater helps you automatically schedule tweets and posts
  • Posts go out at the right time thanks to algorithms that calculate best time to tweet
  • Bookmarklet to share any web page to any social network
  • Google Chrome plugin for super fast sharing


GrabInbox Says

GrabInbox lets you easily manage multiple facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts. GrabInbox helps you schedule messages, tweets, facebook posts for future. Instant notifications for important network updates like mentions, direct messages and fb fan pages.


  • GrabInbox – Manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin


Disclaimer: I’m one of the co-founder of GrabInbox.

BrandChirp – Grow your brand on Twitter

BrandChirp is FlashTweet rebranded and remade. It’s far better and more powerful than the previous version.

You can easily manage your brand on Twitter. Follow users based on search term and location. View users you are following based on their tweeting activity and credibility.

BrandChirp has multiple account support so that you do not have to worry about logging out and logging in for every twitter account that you have! You can submit any RSS feed and new posts would be tweeted automatically. Future tweets can be scheduled as well.


  • Manage your brand
  • Target Follow
  • Follow Stats
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Tweet RSS Feeds
  • Schedule Tweets

BrandChirp Says

Ever wonder what people are saying about your business? Well, now it’s easier than ever to track your brand and keep tabs on your company’s Twitter presence.


  • BrandChirp – Drive more traffic and sales from Twitter


  • @brandchirp – Drive more traffic and sales from Twitter.

Buzzom Premium – monitoring your brand and much more

Buzzom premium is a brand monitoring tool. It’s a paid twitter app but the charges are pretty low for an app that packs in so many features.

The app displays the total number of tweets sent, received, RTs etc for an account. You get to view complete follower, unfollower stats as well. You can schedule updates for twitter, linkedin, facebook and myspace. A list of recent followers is displayed on the right sidebar.

The app has a nice direct messages inbox where you can unfollow someone who constantly spams you with unwanted DMs.


  • Paid twitter app
  • Monitor your brand across social sites
  • Schedule updates to twitter, facebook, linkedin and myspace
  • Direct message management inbox

Buzzom Premium Says

Boost your social media performance by using Buzzom Premium for your account



  • @leplan – Technology Entrepreneur and Social Media Enthusiast. Co-author of the Book Demystifying Twitter Marketing.

LaterBro – schedule facebook and twitter updates

LaterBro let’s you schedule twitter and facebook updates.

I liked the name (funny name, brought a smile on my face). As soon as you login, as a one time activity, you need to select your timezone.

The interface is slick and clean and the app is easy to use. However, the time selection could have been made easier!

The app supports multiple twitter and facebook accounts. Scheduled updates are displayed and changes can be easily made.


  • Schedule twitter and facebook status updates
  • Simple and clean user interface

LaterBro Says

Send Twitter or Facebook status updates later.


  • LaterBro – Send twitter and facebook status updates later

TwitVance – schedule tweets for multiple twitter accounts

TwitVance is a twitter scheduling application that lets you tweet at a later date.

The application allows you to add and manage multiple twitter accounts for tweeting scheduled tweets. Tweeting future tweets is easy. You can see a list of all the tweets that have been queued for future posting. The application uses twitter oAuth for authentication.

I hope TwitVance comes out with a bookmarklet the way HootSuite has. That would make future posting all the more easier!


  • Schedule tweets for future tweeting
  • Multiple twitter account support
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication

TwitVance Says

Tweet to your heart’s content; all for the future! You can edit or delete scheduled tweets whenever you want.



  • @mytwitvance – Twitter in Advance!
  • @vijay_dev – Rails & Java Developer; Creator of TwitVance http://www.twitvance.com

HootSuite – a one stop destination for all your Twitter needs

HootSuite was previously covered on Twi5 back when it was called BrightKit. Well, times have changed, the site has been renamed and it’s better and bigger now. So I thought I would profile it all over again!

HootSuite is arguably one of the most widely used twitter web apps around. They recently launched an iPhone app about which you can read here. If you see a trending topic and fail to understand what it’s all about, HootSuite will explain it to you!

Multiple Twitter Account

HootSuite allows you to add multiple twitter accounts. You will get a tabbed view allowing you to easily switch between multiple accounts.

Support for Facebook, Pingfm and WordPress Blogs

Add your Facebook account and start posting from HootSuite. WordPress.com users (they intend to add self hosted WordPress support soon) can add their wordpress blogs and publish posts to multiple wordpress blogs from within HootSuite. Pingfm has been integrated as well.


Share links using the HootSuite shortener ow.ly and you can view stats  about these links. The stats can help you gain insight on the clicks and visitor pattern for the links that you share on Twitter.

Keyword Tracking, Search, Twitter Lists

You can have separate columns inside HootSuite for tracking keywords, twitter search results and view tweets from particular twitter lists.

Best Tweet Scheduler

There are quite a few sites that allow scheduling tweets but I like HootSuite’s tweet scheduler the most. It’s convenient and easy to use. You can always come back and edit the scheduled tweets.

HootSuite Bookmarklet (this is AWESOME)

The HootSuite bookmarklet is something that I just can’t tweet without. It has a sexy interface, loads fast and lets me share websites with my twitter friends at the click of a button. If I want some tweets to be posted at a later date, I can simply schedule the tweets right within the bookmarklet.


HootSuite has quite a few apps that compliment the web app. There’s a HootSuite desktop app for Mac and PC users. Firefox and Chrome extensions are available as well. For Greasemonkey lovers, there are a few Greasemonkey scripts available.


  • Web app for Twitter
  • Update, @reply, List support, Search, Keyword tracking
  • View shortened URL stats
  • iPhone app for Twitter
  • Multiple Twitter account support, support for Facebook, WordPress and Pingfm
  • HootSuite bookmarklet lets you share and schedule tweets
  • Excellent web interface which you are bound to fall in love with


HootSuite Says

HootSuite is The professional Twitter client! If you manage multiple Twtitter accounts or share your Twittering duties with friends or co-workers, HootSuite’s for you. If you’re interested in tracking how many people click the links you tweet out, HootSuite can help you. If you want to pre-schedule your messages or feed your blog to Twitter, we’ve got you covered.


  • HootSuite – The professional Twitter client


  • @hootsuite – The professional Twitter client. Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets, and measure your success. For support @hootsuite_help

Twetto – Bulk DM, Scheduled tweets and auto follow

Twetto helps you better manage your twitter account. You can send bulk DM (direct messages), schedule your tweet for a future date as well as set up keyword auto follow.

There are caps on the number of bulk direct messages you can send with the free account but nonetheless it helps to have a free version for an app like this. You can try it out to your hearts content and if you want more, upgrade the account!

The site makes use of Twitter oAuth so need not worry about your twitter password being compromised. You need to register as a new user on the site though (I would have definitely loved the “sign in with twitter” feature for the registration page as well)

Some may say this is a spammy tool. But it all depends on how you use it. You might genuinely need features such as bulk direct messages if for instance, the people you follow are your friends and you want to invite them over for a party. You cannot possibly go around sending individual direct messages can you!?


  • Send bulk direct messages for free
  • Schedule tweets for future date
  • Auto follow new twitter users based on search keywords
  • Makes use of Twitter oAuth


Twetto Says

Twetto is an all in one toolkit for those who want to save time and increase their Twitter productivity. We do this by providing simple automation tools which take out the drudgery of maintaining your Twitter accounts. We simply do the hard work for you. Send out messages, schedule tweets and find and follow interesting users automatically with a click of a button.


  • Twetto – Tools to increase your Twitter potential