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Twitroduce – Introduce your twitter friends

Twitroduce is an excellent tool to help you with your #FollowFriday ritual. You can select any of your followers and introduce your twitter friends to them.

The site uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Once authenticated, you get to choose the twitter friend to whom you wish to send your friend suggestion. You can send friend suggestions through DM, @reply or both.

The tool comes in handy for suggesting twitter friends, however, I couldn’t find a way to tweet out suggested followers as an update (you have to specify a twitter user). It would be really cool if there was a way to suggest twitter friends to all your followers.


  • Introduce your twitter friends to any of your followers
  • Great tool to help you with #FollowFriday


Twitroduce Says

Let me Twitroduce Myself: allows you to introduce your friends and followers on Twitter to each other.

You’ve been Twitroduced!: Twitroduce will tell you who has recommended you as someone to follow

Network by Twitroduction: Twitroduce helps you find people to follow based on your interests and help you network



  • @twitroduce – Twitroduce allows you to send follower suggestions to your Twitter friends
  • @JoshuaOdmark – Technology consultant, SEO, blogger, traveler, entrepreneur, and extreme sports athlete

Twindexx – crowd-sourcing the best of twitter

Twindexx is a twitter crowd-sourcing site that helps you find relevant twitter users.

Twindexx rates users based on the recommendations received. You can refer your friends by sending an @Reply to @twindexx with your recommendation.

The site also helps you group twitter users so that you see tweets only from users you really want to follow.

Users are categorized into various categories and if any of your recommendations involves a category that is not listed then a new category would be created.


  • Twitter crowd-sourcing site
  • Find relevant twitter users to follow
  • Lots of categories to choose from
  • Group twitter users to never miss any of their tweets
  • Recommend friends


Twindexx Says

For twitter to become what it is, things had to get noisy. We wanted a better way to find useful people to follow, based on endorsements from the crowd and an inherent level of trust. A lot of followers are great, but it’s not an ideal indicator of value

Twindexx is a way to find the best and brightest of twitter based on recommendations of others and shared interests. You can find the most relevant people to connect with, and see who they connect with and recommend, and who they connect with and recommend.


  • Twindexx – Crowd-sourcing the best of twitter


  • @twindexx – Find and recommend great users to follow at http://www.twindexx.com
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Tweeple Rank – ranking the top recommended people on twitter

Tweeple Rank is a twitter ranking tool that ranks twitter users based on the number of recommendations they get.

You can view the top twitter users, the top hash tags being used on twitter as well as personalize these results by entering your twitter username.

The Search feature looks good and has options to search tweets, bios or tags.


  • Twitter rank based on the number of recommendations you get
  • View Top users and top hash tags
  • Search over tweets, bios and tags
  • Personalize results by entering your twitter username


Tweeple Rank Says

This website tracks a number of hashtags that are used to recommend people on Twitter, specifically #FollowFriday, #TweepleTuesday and #MrTweet.

Results are viewable per day, week, month or even year.



TweetTop – who to follow on twitter

TweetTop is the AllTop for twitter. There are a number of topics that you can choose from.

For every topic, a set of top twitter users and their tweets would be displayed. This is a nice way of finding out the top twitterers with respect to a niche.


  • The AllTop of twitter
  • Find out top twitter users according to various categories
  • View the recent tweets of the featured users


TweetTop Says

Tweet Top is the latest and greatest from Twitter people on popular topics. We update the latest thinking from topic experts every 3-5 minutes. Pick a Topic below and we’ll deliver it to you 24 x 7. All the top “Tweets”, All the Time.



  • @tweettop – All the top tweeps to follow. www.TweetTop.com. Booya.
  • @jordanwillms – Social Media Strategist /w Interactive Agency @workatplay. Ex-Accenture Consultant. Ex-DJ. Squash Player. Musician. Sarcastic.

Twibes – recommend your twitter friends

Twibes takes the #FollowFriday concept to a new level. Now everyday can be a FollowFriday!

Enter your username at twibes and twibes would list out your twitter friends. Select friends from this list who you think are worth recommending to your followers.

Once you have picked your list of “worth a follow” twitterers, you have 2 options. You can tweet the recommendation in your timeline and let all your followers know about these great people worth a follow on twitter. OR, you can automatically send a direct message to all the recommended twitterers!


  • Easily recommend twitter users worth a follow
  • Easy to use interface
  • Send individual direct messages to people worth following


Twibes Says

Hand picked tweeters


  • Twibes – Recommends your twitter friends


  • @twibes – Send a personal recommendation for a friend!