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Chat Catcher – twitter trackback plugin for your blog

Chat Catcher is a plugin for blogs which scans twitter and a few other services for references to your blog posts. All mentions of your blog posts by twitter users would be posted as a comment on your blog!

This is a great way of checking out how popular your blog posts are on twitter.

Besides, when users come to know that mentioning your blog post in their tweet would be acknowledged in your blog, then the probability of them tweeting about it increases.

Chat Catcher makes use of the twitter search API to get the tweets that mention your blog post.

There is a wordpress plugin available as well as a blog script generator in case you use some other PHP based software. You can also have a scriptless Chat Catcher functionality if you are unable to use scripts on your site.

Chat Catcher also provides an RSS feed of all the comments posted on each of the blogs it tracks.


  • Your blog post mentions in tweets are posted as comments
  • WordPress plugin available
  • Generate your own script for any other PHP based platform
  • Scriptless Chat Catcher available for those who cannot add scripts to their blogs
  • Expands shortened URLs


Chat Catcher Says

Chat Catcher scans services like Twitter and FriendFeed for references to your blog posts. When someone links to your blog, their post will be published to your blog’s comments.


  • Chat Catcher -  Blog comments happen everywhere, catch them and pull them back to your blog.


  • @swhitley – Just a man, with a man’s courage. Into programming computer apps for HR and PR/Marketing types. Microblog Addict.

Submitted By

  • @kaex88 – Recent Emerson Grad, Advertising & Social Media junkie, Designer at heart


TwitterFox is an extension for Mozilla FireFox browser that lets you update your twitter status even while you surf your favourite sites.

Apart from status updates you can @Reply, Fav and Retweet easily too.

TwitterFox also allows you to easily grab the link of the page you are currently browsing.

You can add multiple twitter accounts and toggle between them easily.


  • Twitter through your browser
  • Update, Reply, Fav and Retweet easily
  • Context Menu (right click on tweet) to copy, retweet or open the tweet in new tab
  • Toggle between Multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Displays unread tweet count
  • Auto extract is.gd and bit.ly links
  • Supports Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Pick your own sound notifications


TwitterFox Says

TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ tweets on Twitter.

This extension adds a tiny icon on the status bar which notifies you when your friends update their tweets. Also it has a small text input field to update your tweets.



  • @twitterfoxYour source for information about the TwitterFox.
  • @naanI’ve been working on TwitterFox Firefox extension and TwitterFon for iPhone