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Plume – Android twitter app for multiple accounts

If you are addicted to Twitter and own an Android gadget then you must have used many clients for Twitter till date. But, out of all the apps in the Android app store, Plume is the app which I’ve found to be best and took my time to review it here.

Plume is the no.1 Twitter client for Android. This app allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. Well,  you may be thinking that there are many apps who provide the same service, then why is Plume the best? Nice thinking! And the answer to your question is that Plume allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts in a fully customized manner.

Talking about the features of this awesome app, the one thing I like most about it is that you get full control over the look of your Twitter account. You can customize the app so as to assign different colors to tweets and also can choose different themes according to your taste. The app has been designed to support honeycomb systems as well.

The user interface of the app is totally unique allowing to use Twitter account with full features i.e. you can post tweets, retweets, check notifications, send messages and  more with a single touch. You can refresh your feed by just touching the refresh button.

Posting tweets to your Twitter account becomes easier with this app. There are three options regarding posting tweets on the home screen of this app. You can select the option of hash tag instead of finding the symbol. Moreover, posting links become very easy with this app as you don’t have to write ‘http://’ ever. For this you can simply use the option on the home screen.

Opening the web pages become easier and faster with built in browser. You can set the option to load the avatars or not. Uploading the picture is also very simple and fast. In fact, we can say that Plume makes you experience a faster Twitter!

If you want to get more out of Twitter, then download this app now, which is completely free.

Download Link


  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Customize your Twitter, the way you want
  • Assign different colors to tweets
  • Switch between different options with single touch
  • Use fast Twitter with fast access to basic tasks
  • Facebook  Support


Plume Says

Now, you can see many flows (timeline, mentions, DM…) in the same screen. You can easily change the content of a column. You can see in a dedicated screen the information about the tweets and the profiles. And Plume uses the native Honeycomb behavior for more comfort.


  • Plume: Manage multiple Twitter accounts with full customization and fast speed


@Plume: Post Tweets, retweets, check messages etc. with fully customized Twitter account of your choice.


Multwiple – twitter app for effectively managing multiple twitter accounts

Multwiple is a wonderful twitter app and comes in handy for those with multiple twitter accounts.

Multiple accounts are displayed in a tabbed interface.  The navigation menu for accessing all the features available is a bliss. You wouldn’t be lost even though there are a lot of features. Another nice thingy is viewing links shared on twitter. When you click a link, it opens in a new window with the tweet still at the top!

If you are one of those with multiple twitter accounts, do give Multwiple a try.


  • Secure OAuth-based Login
  • Uniform easy-to-use interface
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Quick multiple A/c updates
  • Follow links with the tweet

Multwiple Says

Manage multiple twitter accounts


  • Multwiple – Manage multiple twitter accounts


  • @multwiple – Tweet using multiple twitter accounts. Simple and easy to use interface.

TweetHopper – control multiple twitter accounts from a single spot

TweetHopper lets you control multiple twitter accounts from a single interface.

You can easily post to multiple twitter accounts. Auto follow your followers. You can set RSS feeds to be tweeted to your accounts.

TweetHopper has a free starter account as well as paid accounts for advanced users.


  • Control multiple twitter accounts
  • Easily post to multiple twitter accounts
  • Auto follow your followers
  • RSS feed tweeted from your accounts


TweetHopper Says

Easily control multiple twitter accounts from a single spot. Tweet hopper allows you to simply extend your twitter experience.


  • TweetHopper – Twitter jobs that let you DM-Tweet, Auto-Follow and Feed-Tweet


  • @tweethopper – Tweet hopper let’s you control Twitter accounts using jobs like: dm-tweet, feed-tweet, auto-follow and more…

Twitt – Twitter app for Mac users who value a good user interface

Twitt is for all you Mac users who love a beautiful user interface more than anything else.

What sets Twitt apart from all the other Twitter apps is that it lets you modify the HTML and CSS and control the way tweets are displayed. Twitt supports Twitpic, img.ly and yFrog for image sharing.

You can add multiple twitter accounts. If tweets with particular keywords are annoying you and clogging your timeline, you can easily filter them out. New tweet notification is available which alerts you when new tweets come in.

Designers can create custom themes for Twitt.


  • Twitter app for Mac users
  • Customizable tweet pages, just modify the HTML and CSS
  • Create themes
  • Supports yfrog, Twitpic and img.ly
  • Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Filter tweets based on keywords


Twitt Says

Tastes are always changing, and there’s no reason why you should be locked into one specific look by your Twitter client. Twitt allows you to easily customize the way content is displayed, using easy to make (and modify) HTML+CSS themes.


  • Twitt – Twitter desktop app for your Mac


  • @twittapp – The new bird watcher on the block

Tweetie – an awesome twitter app for your iPhone and Mac

Tweetie is probably one of the best and most widely used Twitter apps out there for the iPhone.

Tweetie has support for multiple Twitter accounts. You can easily view your timeline, mentions, favorites, retweet etc. Tweetie has an offline mode which you can use to read tweets, save links to Instapaper etc.

You can filter your tweet stream, post photos and videos on twitter. You can save tweets as drafts and in case twitter goes down, this can come in handy! Tweetie allows you to link your Twitter friends with your address book contacts.

Follow, unfollow, block users right from the app. You can edit your twitter profile from your iPhone. Tweetie basically has a whole lot of features and it’s worth a try.


  • Seamlessly handle multiple Twitter accounts
  • Explore all of Twitter, from your own timeline and mentions, to the favorite tweets of your followers and friends
  • Full persistence: more than just caching tweets, Tweetie 2 restores your entire UI if you quit or get a phone call
  • Fantastic new offline mode. Read, tweet, favorite, follow, save to Instapaper and more even when you don’t have a connection. Your actions will be synced as soon as you go back online
  • Full landscape support
  • Live-filter your tweet stream
  • Post photos and videos, even configure your own custom image host
  • Vastly improved compose screen with recent hashtags, @people picker, URL shortening and more
  • Compose screen multiple-attachments manager
  • Drafts manager ensures you never lose a tweet (and you can even send drafts to Birdhouse)
  • Link Twitter contacts to Address Book contacts
  • Follow, unfollow, block and unblock from multiple accounts simultaneously


Tweetie Says

The Twitter client that redefined Twitter clients is back, and it’s even better. Rewritten from the ground up with a fast and powerful new core, Tweetie 2 offers the most polished mobile Twitter experience around.



  • @tweetie – rockin’ Twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch, follow @atebits for more

Echofon – Twitter apps for iPhone, Mac and Firefox

Echofon has twitter apps for a variety of platforms such as iPhone, Mac and Firefox. The apps now support Facebook too. An important and useful feature of all these Echofon apps is that they sync your unread tweets between the iPhone and desktop apps.

iPhone Twitter app

The iphone app (which I had covered earlier when it was named Twitterfon), has  a free as well as a paid Pro version. The app has push notifications, support for multiple twitter account and more.


Twitter app for Mac

Echofon for Mac has  a nice interface, you can drag and drop photos for posting, the app syncs with your iPhone and sends instant notifications.


Firefox Twitter extension

Keep up with Twitter while you browse the web using Firefox. TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ tweets on Twitter. Unread tweets can be synced with the iPhone app.



  • Twitter app for iPhone, Mac and Firefox
  • iPhone app available in free and Pro version
  • Sync unread tweets between the desktop and iPhone apps

Echofon Says

Echofon is a family of Twitter apps. Previously Echofon for iPhone was called “TwitterFon” and Echofon for Firefox was called “TwitterFox”.


  • Echofon – Twitter apps that talk to each other


  • @echofon – Twitter app for iPhone, Firefox and Mac.

HootSuite – a one stop destination for all your Twitter needs

HootSuite was previously covered on Twi5 back when it was called BrightKit. Well, times have changed, the site has been renamed and it’s better and bigger now. So I thought I would profile it all over again!

HootSuite is arguably one of the most widely used twitter web apps around. They recently launched an iPhone app about which you can read here. If you see a trending topic and fail to understand what it’s all about, HootSuite will explain it to you!

Multiple Twitter Account

HootSuite allows you to add multiple twitter accounts. You will get a tabbed view allowing you to easily switch between multiple accounts.

Support for Facebook, Pingfm and WordPress Blogs

Add your Facebook account and start posting from HootSuite. WordPress.com users (they intend to add self hosted WordPress support soon) can add their wordpress blogs and publish posts to multiple wordpress blogs from within HootSuite. Pingfm has been integrated as well.


Share links using the HootSuite shortener ow.ly and you can view stats  about these links. The stats can help you gain insight on the clicks and visitor pattern for the links that you share on Twitter.

Keyword Tracking, Search, Twitter Lists

You can have separate columns inside HootSuite for tracking keywords, twitter search results and view tweets from particular twitter lists.

Best Tweet Scheduler

There are quite a few sites that allow scheduling tweets but I like HootSuite’s tweet scheduler the most. It’s convenient and easy to use. You can always come back and edit the scheduled tweets.

HootSuite Bookmarklet (this is AWESOME)

The HootSuite bookmarklet is something that I just can’t tweet without. It has a sexy interface, loads fast and lets me share websites with my twitter friends at the click of a button. If I want some tweets to be posted at a later date, I can simply schedule the tweets right within the bookmarklet.


HootSuite has quite a few apps that compliment the web app. There’s a HootSuite desktop app for Mac and PC users. Firefox and Chrome extensions are available as well. For Greasemonkey lovers, there are a few Greasemonkey scripts available.


  • Web app for Twitter
  • Update, @reply, List support, Search, Keyword tracking
  • View shortened URL stats
  • iPhone app for Twitter
  • Multiple Twitter account support, support for Facebook, WordPress and Pingfm
  • HootSuite bookmarklet lets you share and schedule tweets
  • Excellent web interface which you are bound to fall in love with


HootSuite Says

HootSuite is The professional Twitter client! If you manage multiple Twtitter accounts or share your Twittering duties with friends or co-workers, HootSuite’s for you. If you’re interested in tracking how many people click the links you tweet out, HootSuite can help you. If you want to pre-schedule your messages or feed your blog to Twitter, we’ve got you covered.


  • HootSuite – The professional Twitter client


  • @hootsuite – The professional Twitter client. Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets, and measure your success. For support @hootsuite_help

TwitterFace – web based twitter app with an awesome interface

TwitterFace is, well, yet another awesome twitter application! And like Matt, you would absolutely love the user interface of this app as well.

The app has support for multiple twitter accounts which makes it easy to keep in touch with all the various twitter accounts that you may be simultaneously handling. You can have up to three panes on the same page to keep track of tweets, searches etc.

An innovative feature is the ability to design themes for your TwitterFace page. You can customize the interface in order to give the the look and feel that you want.

Groups, Saved Searches and Page Tracking to provide you with info on the number of visitors to your site would soon be added to this app.

Want more twitter apps that support multiple twitter accounts? Try this list.


  • Twitter web client with support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Design and use your own themes
  • View up to 3 panes at the same time
  • Your own TwitterFace page to improve brand visibility


TwitterFace Says

Twitterface gives you the ability to design your own interface. When you show people this cool, new tool, your brand will be front and center, and you control the place you run in and out of all day long.

We also make it easier for you to view and respond to multiple accounts, and to track things like conference tweets, because you can see up to 3 accounts on your page, and change what you’re viewing in a snap.



  • @tweetmeup – TweetMeUp is the official product update site for Twitterface, built for brands.
  • @kriscolvin – Chief Mischief Maker at We Heart & Twitterface. Opinionated user/brand experience designer and customer advocate.
  • @adilsoni

PeopleBrowsr – The All-In-One twitter client

PeopleBrowsr can easily be called one of the most feature packed twitter web clients out there which can easily compete with some of the best desktop applications as well!

Speaking of desktop twitter clients, PeopleBrowsr has a desktop version too (some companies never really stop amazing you!).

To start with, there are three modes – Lite, Advanced and Business. Considering all the features in this app, it’s good to have such modes to keep things easy. I recommend you start using the Lite mode first and then move on to Advanced or Business.

Multiple twitter accounts are supported and you can add a host of other social networks such as FriendFeed, Digg, FaceBook etc. To filter out your following list you can create Groups as well.

Now I can go on and on and on about all the features PeopleBrowsr has (and by the time I think I’ve covered all the features, the guys would just come up with a new one!). So, why don’t you just get your ass over to PeopleBrowsr and check it out yourself.


  • Choose between Lite, Advanced and Business mode
  • Supports multiple twitter accounts
  • Supports a host of other networking sites such as FaceBook, FriendFeed, Digg etc
  • Create groups and sort your friends easily
  • Search and track keywords on twitter
  • Autocomplete whenever you @reply or DM
  • Supports themes
  • Auto-refreshes timeline
  • Adobe AIR desktop application available




  • @peoplebrowsr – PeopleBrowsr is the deep visual dashboard into all your online identities. Priscilla Scala (@SHHHE), PB product manager, is the one doing the twittering.

Statuzer – Adobe AIR twitter application

Statuzer is an Adobe AIR based application for twitter built on the lines of TweetDeck and the rest.

Statuzer is a full screen application and has two different views. You can either have a single window or multiple windows within the application.

You can create your own filters and groups. Want to track what people talk about your blog on twitter? Create a filter with the right keywords and easily track all the tweets. Following thousands of twitter users but are interested in only a few? Create groups and don’t ever miss tweets from people you are really interested in.

Statuzer has support for multiple twitter accounts making it easy for you to manage your personal and professional accounts from the same application. You can choose to have different notification sounds for Replies, Mentions and Direct Messages.

The default theme might seem a bit too dark, you can go to Settings and under the Display tab select the Clear Theme. Alternatively, here’s a custom theme you might like –

Background Color CCCCCC

Text Color333333

Bubble Background ColorCCCCCC

Bubble Text Color000000

You can play music from song.ly and tra.kz. Search for music right from the application using Jamendo.

There is a display filter that lets you choose the tweets you wish to view. You can choose to view only Favorites, Music, Searches etc.

Twitpic images are displayed inline with the tweets and YouTube thumbnails are displayed as well.


  • Twitter Adobe AIR desktop application
  • Fully customizable color scheme
  • MP3 Playing from song.ly and tra.kz
  • Jamendo music search (free and legal)
  • Displays twitpic images in tweet
  • Youtube Thumbs
  • Twitter search moving Trends
  • Hashtags
  • Fast display filter
  • Contacts groups
  • Followable Twitter searches
  • Notifications
  • URLs preview
  • Image/webcam upload
  • Image/webcam upload to twitter profile image
  • Multi-account
  • Search filters
  • Short URLs (Twitter API)
  • Encode/Decode MinUrl and TinyUrl
Twitter Adobe AIR application

Twitter Adobe AIR application

Statuzer Says

Statuzer is a new multi-platform Twitter Client running through Air.


  • Statuzer – Yet another Twitter Air application.