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TweetQR- Share Tweets In QR Codes

Can you tweet 2800 characters on Twitter? No no, I am not asking this question, it’s the awesome web based Twitter app TweetQR, which is not only asking you, but also providing the same service. Yes, with TweetQR, you can share 2800 characters long tweets in QR code.

Well, there have been many times when I faced the problem of expressing my thoughts in 140 characters. There are many services that allow you to go beyond the limit of 140 characters, but following the trend of crowd can’t make you attractive. I want to shine in the crowd and this is what, TweetQR lets me to do.

No sign up, no download is required. Just authorize the app with your Twitter account and enter the tweet up to 2800 characters. Your tweet will get converted into a QR code and the pic will get uploaded on the TwitPic itself. All this process is automatic and you just need to click the ‘Tweet’ button. This will first convert your tweet into QR code, will upload its picture on TwitPic, will create a link to that pic and then finally will post in on your timeline. And yes important thing is that, all the process get completed in the matter of micro seconds.

Stand out of 0the crowd and shock your friends by sending them your tweet behind the QR code and yes, 2800 characters tweet.

Don’t think too much. Give this app, a try now.


  • Post tweets of 2800 characters
  • Share your tweets in QR code
  • Automatically create a link to your QR code pic and get it posted on your timeline
  • Completely free to use
TweerQR Says
Tweetqr enables twitter users to send status updates of upto 2,800 characters. A QR code image is also attached to your tweet, where other users can scan on their mobile phones and read your message. See a sample tweetqr status update on the left.
Web Says
TweetQR– Can you tweet 2,800 characters?

Shlonger – tweet more than 140 characters

If you have been using Twitter for long time, then you must be aware with the biggest restriction in Twitter. Yes, I am talking about the restriction on the number of characters in your tweets in Twitter. As you all know, one can only tweet with maximum of 140 characters in it. But it’s no more restriction for you as I am reviewing a very good service, ‘shlonger.com’ in this post. Shlonger is the service, who felt the problem of Twitter users and came with a solution to it. Yes, by using this service, you can post longer tweets.

Well, the process is very simple and you just need to point to their site. Once you are there, just write the tweet, click create button and you will be given with a link. This link points to your long tweet. So while posting long tweet, just use this url and your followers will get an option to check your full tweet by clicking that link. It’s as simple as ABC.

The biggest features I like about this tool is that it’s completely free to use. You can use it without paying even a single penny. Moreover, after creating link for your long tweet, you can directly send it to your Twitter account within the tool itself.

So what are you waiting for? Give Shlonger, a try now.


  • Feel free to post long tweets
  • Don’t let your thoughts to shrink in 140 characters
  • Create a link to your long tweet easily
  • Share the created link easily on your Twitter

Shlonger says

This website allows you easily share large text on Twitter. Just click on the “Create New” button, enter the text and than Share it. You can delete text at anytime.

Shlonger Says

Shlonger: How to share large text on Twitter easily.





Twextra – when you need more than 140 characters

Twextra lets you tweet more than 140 characters. It consists of a rich text editor.

You can post to twitter as well as LinkedIn.

You can do the following things with Twextra :

  • Super-size messages
  • Rich text capabilities (bold, color, links, etc.)
  • Messages with images
  • Language translation
  • Easy sharing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Jaiku, & more)
  • Track click statistics

Twextra Says

When you need more than 140 characters


  • Twextra – When you need more than 140 characters


TinyPost – post long messages on Twitter

TinyPost allows you to post messages that are longer than 140 characters onto twitter. There may be times when you want to post something elaborate to your twitter followers. TinyPost can come in handy.

TinyPost uses twitter oAuth for authentication. You login and type as long a text you want. TinyPost will then update your twitter status with a small snippet of the post and a short URL to the entire text.

Update: Tinypost now supports oembed. That means that if you add a link of TwitPic or YouTube, it will automatically embed the picture (TwitPic) or the video (YouTube). It supports tons of other sites the same way.


  • Post long tweets on twitter
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication

TinyPost Says

TinyPost allows you to post messages on Twitter, with more than 140 characters. It often happens when you want to post very small stories.

If it happens, post the update on TinyPost. Not only will it post your message on Twitter (up to 140 characters), but it will also post the entire message on our service.


  • TinyPost – TinyPost allows you to post messages that are longer than 140 characters on twitter.


  • @tinypost – Post long messages on Twitter. Try it!

TweetC – post or email tweets more than 140 characters on twitter

TweetC lets you post tweets that are more than 140 characters. There are times when you need to convey your thoughts in more than 140 characters and you don’t like the idea of breaking it up into multiple tweets. TweetC will post long tweets to your twitter stream with a link back to the entire text.

A really different and new feature of TweetC is the ability to update the long text received via email. Send an email with your long tweet to the secret email id given to you and TweetC will post it to your twitter account.


  • TweetC lets you post more than 140 characters
  • Send long tweets via email too
  • Uses Twitter oAuth

TweetC Says

Tweetc lets you create a message longer than 140 characters. It will auto post a tweet to twitter with a link back to your longer message. It’s like TwitPic for text!


  • TweetC – tweet and email tweets longer than 140 characters


  • @tweetcapp – Post more than just 140 characters to Twitter. Supports posting by email and auto embedding links and media.
  • @johnturner – John is the founder of Tweetc.com, BandPress.org and a WordPress Developer and Consultant.

Twiffo – talk more than 140

Twiffo lets you share updates which are more than 140 characters with your Twitter friends.

You can login to the site with your twitter account. The site imports your background image and gives you a look and feel very similar to the twitter web interface.


  • Share long updates with your Twitter friends
  • Login with Twitter oAuth
  • API available for use with your site


Twiffo Says

Twiffo is a simple free service that allow you to post more than 140 characters to Twitter.


  • Twiffo – Allowing you to post more than 140 characters to Twitter


  • @TwiffoUpdate – Twiffo is a simple free service that allow you to post more than 140 characters to Twitter.

Twittas – what was your first tweet?

Twittas provides a variety of tools to analyze your Twitter accounts.

You can find out the date of your first tweet. If you want to find out the speed at which you tweet, Twittas has it. Like other twitter grading sites, you can find out your twitter grade too.

Do you think you’re wasting a lot of time on Twitter? Well, twittas will tell you the truth. You can find out your first twitter followers, the first twitter users you followed and much much more.


  • Find out when you tweeted first
  • Find out your tweeting speed
  • Grade your Twitter account
  • Find out how much time you waste on Twitter
  • Find out which celebrities arrived after you on Twitter
  • Predict when you would reach 1 million followers
  • Locate people you follow on a map
  • Find out twitterers you converse the most with


Twittas Says

Find out when was your first tweet. Find out how fast you are tweeting. Let us evaluate your twitter profile. Find out how much time you wasted tweeting. See how long you are on twitter and which celebrities arrived after you. Predict the date you will reach 1 million followers. Find out who where your first followers. Find out if you have more followers than the Pope on Twitter. Find out who were the first users you chose to follow. Find out with whom you’ve been interacting more.



  • @cmoreira – Culture and WebDevelopment – Creator of http://twittas.com and http://rascunho.net – born in Póvoa de Varzim, PT

MaxiTweet – a unique and better way to shorten those long tweets

MaxiTweet lets you shorten or compress long tweets. There are a lot of tweet compressing tools out there but MaxiTweet makes smart use of Unicode characters to shorten tweets.

Apart from Unicode use, the regular text compression is also supported. There are various levels of compression to choose from.

The site offers what it calls XX5. You can tweet up to 500 characters using this technique. However, your readers would need to visit the site to be able to decode the tweet and read it.


  • Shorten long tweets
  • Makes smart use of Unicode to shorten tweets
  • XX5 allows you to tweet up to 500 character tweets


MaxiTweet Says

Maxitweets are ideal for sending messages that are too long to fit into the 140 character limit set by Twitter. The most unique and useful aspect of Maxitweets is that there is no need for links to other websites: the tweet appears directly on Twitter or Twitter clients.


  • MaxiTweet – More than 140 characters on Twitter


  • @maxitweet – Tweet up to 200 letters – no links needed.

TwtLong – tweet more than 140 characters

TwtLong helps you tweet more than 140 characters at a time. Coming from the TwtApps stable which has given us apps such as TwtVite, TwtJobs, TwtQpon etc., this is yet another easy to use and hassle free twitter app.

You can add images, embed videos and even maps! The application uses twitter oAuth for verification.


  • Tweet more than 140 characters
  • Embed images, videos and maps


TwtLong Says

Twtlong allows you to share more than 140 chars text, photos, videos and maps on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed or on any other social media site.


  • TwtLong – Longer tweets for customer support


  • @twtlong – Twtlong lets your create a tweet longer than 140 chars + photos + videos + map. Great for customer support.
  • @twtfelipe – Software engineer, entrepreneur. Developed I-stats, YowTRIP, twtapps. Organizes Montreal NewTech Meetups.

RichTweets – when 140 is just not enough

RichTweets is for those who keep complaining that the 140 character limit of twitter isn’t enough. Or may be for times when you need to write more than 140 to put across a point.

You can create full HTML tweets with colours, images, videos and whatever you want including widgets! RichTweets uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Your twitter followers can easily reply to any of your RichTweets as well.


  • Tweet more than 140 characters
  • Include full HTML, colours, videos, images and widgets
  • Reply to any tweet
  • Uses twitter oAuth


RichTweets Says

Sometimes 140 characters are not enough. On RichTweets you can create full HTML tweets, with colors, images, links, videos and widgets.
Like TwitPic, your rich tweets will automatically be posted to your Twitter account.


  • RichTweets – When 140 characters are not enough


  • @richtweets_com – Create full HTML Tweets, with links, colors, images, videos and widgets.