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Instasave HD- Browse Instagram Easily on iPad

Instasave HD allows you to use Instagram on your iPad, in the way, that you always hoped for.

As an Instagram user, you must be familiar that how hard it is to save and share Instagram photos. Instasave HD brings convenience in this task. You can easily share your Instagram photos on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

This app also comes with its own camera and filters that you can use to enhance your Instagram photos, before sharing them.  You can take the photos with this app and then can send them to your Instagram account within this app itself.

Instasave HD is free to use but by paying $2.99, you can get access to full features, better camera features and effects.

So what are you waiting for? Give Instasave HD a try now.


  • Browse Instagram easily on iPad
  • Send photos to Instagram
  • Share your Instagram photos on other social networks
  • Comes with good filters and effects to use in photos

Instasave HD- Browse Instagram Easily on iPad

Instasave HD says

Instasave HD is everything you want IG to be. Save to roll and share to Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, messages and email.

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Instasave HD– Browse Instagram Easily on iPad