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Instapad- Instagram Gallery For iPad

Enhance your Instagram experience on your iPad by using Instapad. It’s an Instagram app developed for iPad.

Instapad lets you to enjoy all the features of Instagram on your iPad. You can search for photos and users, can follow them, can like the photos, can make comments and lots more with this app, on your iPad. Instapad brings the life to your photos and lets you to view them in a way, that you can’t get with any other app on screen of your iPad.

Instapad runs on iOS 4.0 or higher. It costs you $ 2.99, which is nothing as compared to fun that you are going to have by using it.

You should give Instapad, a try now.


  • Instagram Gallery For iPad
  • Search for photos and users
  • Like and comment on photos
Instapad- Instagram Gallery For iPad
Instapad Says

Browse popular photos, search for users, follow others, favorite and comment on photos. Instapad also let’s you see all your feeds, so you can keep up with what followers are doing.

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Instapad– Instagram Gallery For iPad