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Instafy- Stats for Instagram

Instafy is an awesome app that enables you to create statistics of your Instagram account in your desired way.

It allows you to create beautiful graphical statistics and to show off your Most Popular Images by summarizing them into a collage using your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. The variety of arranging options let you to arrange the images in the way, you want.

You can create beautiful stats of your Instagram photos randomly or can also show only the most popular and trending photos. Moreover, you can create a beautiful Facebook Timeline cover photo from your most popular Instagram photos.

Instafy enhances the look of your Instagram account and thus helps in getting more followers and yes, more popularity on Instagram.

It’s free to use. You should try Instafy now.


  • A real-time snapshot of your Instagram activity
  • My Stats Badge” highlights total likes and comments for social bragging
  • Awesome Badge” displays your top four images and generates a “Superstar Rank”
  • “Most Popular Collage” arranges your highest trending images at a glance
  • “Cover Collage” generates a Facebook™ timeline cover of your most popular artwork
  •  Share and Show-off your stats directly via Instagram, photo library, or Email
  • Gain valuable insight to polish your Instagram presence

Instafy- Stats for Instagram

Instafy Says

Instafy enables you to create beautiful graphical Instagram statistics, and to show off your Most Popular Images by summarizing them into a collage using your iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® which then can be shared with friends via Instagram, Email, and iMessage.

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Instafy– Stats for Instagram

Statigram- All You Need To Manage Your Instagram Account

Statigram is a web-based app that gives you detailed stats of your Instagram account.

The interface is just awesome and once login into the Statigram using your Instagram account, it will show you the no. of photos uploaded by you and no. of total and average comments that you have received on your photos. It also shows you, your most famous photo based on comments’ and likes’ count. You can view photos uploaded by others in a convenient way and can post comments on them or like them, within the app.

Statigram’s search tool allows you to search for photos, tags and users. You can also see the hot topics searched by other users in Instagram, on Statigram’s homepage. You can get detailed report of your stats on daily basis or monthly. Statigram also shows you the monthly stats in the graphical form.

Moreover, Statigram has a feature called ‘Public URL’, by which you can share your Instagram photos on Facebook and your friends can make comments on them with their Facebook accounts itself.

Too many awesome features in a single app. It deserves to be used by you. So give Statigram, a try now.


  • Best way to manage your Instagram account
  • Complete stats on daily or monthly basis
  • Makes it convenient to search for photos and users on Instagram
  • Public URL of your Instagram photos
  • List of hot topics on the Instagram
  • Complete stats via email

Statigram Says

Statigram makes it possible to manage your Instagram account in a convenient way. Share photos, search for users or post your photos on other sites via Public URL. Get complete stats right in your email inbox.

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Statigram– All you need to manage your Instagram account



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