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Instablast- Notifications From Favorite Instagrammers

Following too many people on Instagram? Then, you must be finding it very hard to go through the updates coming from all users.

But not checking the updates from your favorite Instagrammers, due to the flood up of too many updates, is not any wise idea at all. Instablast is an iOS app that you must try to end this problem.

Instablast is an iOS based app that lets you to get updates from your favorite users. It allows you to select your favorite Instagrammers from your Instagram account and to get updates from them immediately, whenever they upload new pictures. You no longer need to check your Instagram feed again and again.

It’s available for iOS 4.0 or higher devices. You should give Instablast, a try now.


  • Receive update from your favorite Instagrammers
  • No need to check your Instagram feed again and again
  • Don’t miss any single update, while on the move

Instablast- Get Notifications From Your Favorite Instagrammers

Instablast Says

Instablast lets you know when your favorite Instagrammers post new photos. Set up push notifications to alert you when new stuff appears in your feed.

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Instablast– Notifications From Favorite Instagrammers