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ThingBuzz – discover the most talked products on the web

ThingBuzz will help you discover products that are talked about most on the web, by users on Twitter.

You can discover exciting new products, find gift recommendations and decide on things to buy. ThingBuzz mines through tweets and takes several factors such as time frame, number of unique tweets etc. before ranking the products.

You can vote on products you like or dislike and also see things that are recommended to you.

Thingbuzz also has a Facebook gift finder application where the app can help to find gifts just by allowing users to enter their friends name. The app will analyze the profile information and help to recommend relevant gifts. You can try the Facebook application of Thingbuzz here.


  • Discover the most talked about products
  • Submit products and vote for products you like or dislike
  • Helpful in deciding to buy something or gift someone


ThingBuzz Says

Thingbuzz is a fun site to discover the most talked about products on the web.



  • @thingbuzz – Scouring the world wide web for what people want. Follow me at the peril of your own wallet. BEWARE!