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HootBar- Enjoy Twitter From Firefox’s Address Bar

HootBar is a Twitter related Add-On for Firefox that comes from the house of HootSuite. It allows you to enjoy the Twitter from the address bar of your Firefox browser.

After installing this Add-On, you can post any link to your Twitter timeline by simply clicking the Twitter logo that you can find on the right side of  address bar. You can insert your message with the link and can post it as tweet by just using –post at the end of your message.

Multiple Twitter accounts can be handled with this Add-On. You can post your message to various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. all at one instant. Your social account stats and click count on links can also be tracked with HootBar.

It’s completely free to use. You should give HootBar, a try now.


  • Share links on Twitter from Firefox’s address bar
  • Post tweets from address bar
  • Multiple Twitter accounts support
  • Send messages to major social networking sites, at single instant
  • Track your social media performance
  • Completely free to use

HootBar Says

The HootBar from HootSuite allows you to post messages to Twitter and other social networks from the Firefox address bar. (Note: version 4.0, which includes the Hootlet, has been submitted to Mozilla and will be released shortly).

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HootBar– Enjoy Twitter From Firefox’s Address Bar