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HoneyPot- Find Jobs Tweeted By People You Follow

HoneyPot is a web-based app that allows you to search for jobs on Twitter.

Your friends and people you follow might be posting jobs that are suitable for you, but you have been missing it due to unawareness about that tweets. Well, this is not going to happen in future as HoneyPot will not let you to miss even a single job tweet, posted by the people you follow.

HoneyPot finds jobs in your Twitter stream and display them on single page. You can then look for suitable jobs from there and can proceed further to get employed.

It’s completely free to use. You should try HoneyPot now.


  • Better way to find jobs on Twitter
  • Don’t miss any job tweeted by people you follow
  • Find jobs in your Twitter Stream
  • Completely free to use

HoneyPot- Find Jobs Tweeted By People You Follow

HoneyPot Says

Don’t miss any jobs’ tweets posted by people you follow on Twitter. HoneyPot finds jobs tweeted by your friends.

Web Says

HoneyPot– Find Jobs Tweeted By Your Friends and People You Follow